Saturday, May 8, 2010

button madness

I've been spending a lot of time on ebay recently... So many buttons! And some are so beautiful! Yesterday and today, my purchases have been coming in. Look at my current stash:

Aren't they wonderful? I especially like the blue and green ones with the golden high lights!


And the red ones of course.

I've also been making some more necklaces. The one for my sister (hush, don't tell her yet, I'm taking it to the post-office on monday) and a red one for my blue-and-white outfit yesterday:


I got a comment from a friend that the nylon thread that links the buttons doesn't seem elegant enough for the necklaces. At first I wanted to use a metal thread, which looks nicer but although it is a lot more bendy than wire, it is not nearly bendy enough for the button-holes. And if I use only one thread, so most of it is behind the buttons, they might turn around and not stay aligned. I guess come Monday, I'll try finding a thinner and thus maybe less visible nylon thread and see if it looks nicer.


  1. very cute! I have loads of buttons... and never knew what to do with them... this could be a nice idea...

  2. My sister made each of us a button chain after our grandmother passed away. I have it hanging in my work area and I love it.