Tuesday, May 4, 2010

button-y necklaces

I've got a huge fascination with buttons. Especially with cute, colorful, vintage buttons. A little while ago, I spent six weeks at home for a medical clerkship, and while I was there, I mentioned my button-obsession to my grandma - who promptly bequeathed me my great-grandma's button box. Yay! My aunt heard about it and let me take some of her buttons as well. I was really happy about that, but since my bag was already rather heavy when I left home, I had to leave them there. Mom sent me a package, though, and I recieved them last week!

I thought about things I could make with beautiful buttons, and apart from sewing them on clothes, this is what I came up with:

The white one I gave to a friend for her birthday. Since I really liked it, I made another one for myself:

My sister already told me she'd also like a button necklace, one in black and gold, and I think I could use one or two more in different color schemes. :-) I've already decimated my button stash rather drastically, so I spent some time on ebay the last couple of days to replenish it. There are a lot of buttons on ebay, it's a button-lover's paradise! 

I'm thinking of creating a DaWanda-account and try to sell them. I'm not sure anybody would buy them... I do think they're cute, in a quaint way. What do you think?


  1. Gee, honey. I am getting a little jealous. Where do you find all the time and - even more important- the patience for your wonderful spare time activities? You create such wonderful things *hui* !

  2. Well, you're writing, I'm doing... stuff. ;-)