Tuesday, May 18, 2010

polkadot delight

I'm thinking - is it strange to take inspiration from companies like H&M or Vero Moda? I know a lot of seamstresses don't like companies like these, because they produce "throw away" clothing. It's cheap, you wear it for a while and when the first ripped seam appears or when you don't like it anymore, you throw it away. I agree that it's not sustainable and that child-labor is atrocious, but I think about 80% of my clothing is from H&M. I'm a student on a low budget and they sell clothing I like - sometimes, anyway. So it's only logical I buy there, right? I also don't like to throw clothing out. Some of my wardrobe is 6-8 years old (which I think is a feat, at the age of not-yet-24), so I do think I made the most of it.

(There also is a big box of clothing I don't wear anymore on the top of my dresser. I'm planning on holding a swap-the-stuff-you-don't-wear-anymore event with all my girlfriends sometime soon, the rest is going to the red cross although I've been thinking if I could use some of the fabric to sew something new...)

Anyway, I got distracted. I've been noticing in the last couple of weeks that both H&M and Vero Moda have introduced some really nice retro-style items. Lots of polka dots on dresses and tops, summery rompers, swirly skirts, cardigans with doily applications... The items don't seem to have made it into the online shop yet, or I would have posted pictures.

Is it silly to think about sewing my own versions, similar in style to what I've seen in the stores? I can totally understand making your own versions of Anthropologie-clothing, seeing the price difference between the original and the me-made item. But with H&M-clothing, the price difference is minimal at best. It might be possible to argue for fit and quality (yes, I have tried on some of the tops and dresses in question and wasn't quite happy with the fit of some of them) although as a beginner seamstress, I'm not sure I'd do any better... What do you think, my nonexistent readers?

I think I'm looking forward to the Holland fabric market that's coming to Potsdam in two and a half weeks. I'll buy lots of fabric for some of those projects I've been thinking about! Yay!

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