Thursday, June 24, 2010

finished surprise

Yes, I know it's quite a while later than intended. My surprise took making a while, and since the recipient postponed our date anyway, nobody minded. I finally dropped it off today, little sunshine didn't have much to say about it but her mummy was really happy. :-) So here I proudly present:


The baby blanket. Here's a close-up. 


I'd not quite call it a quilt (I'm not quite sure about the definition of the word) bit it's definitely patchwork and it took ages to make... I finally bought pinking shears (I love the pinked edges but they make my hands hurt) and drawing and cutting out 94 pieces of fabric (actually, 100 if you count the sides) was really a lot of work. Luckily, I had a wonderful assistant who not only faithfully cut most of the pieces, she also pressed the seams of the strips I sewed together. Cutting and pressing really are two of my non-favorite parts of sewing... *g*

This is actually the second time I made a baby blanket. The first one was even a little biger than this one (which is 130 cm by 180 cm), because that way it can be folded in half and will be warm enough for the baby to sleep on even if the ground is cold. Also, it can still be used as a day blanket when the kid is older. ;-) Here is No. 1, which I made together with my sister, Mom and auntie, for my little half-brother (on my father's side) - using two sewing machines... :-)

So now my schedule is pretty much clear for summer essentials. Yay!

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