Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Essentials

My last two weeks have been rather busy. To my great luck, though, my next three days and the weekend are rather free of obligations, just in time for the beginning of summer. While May here in Berlin sported only two or three sunny days, if I recall correctly, the sun came out last Thursday and it has been beautiful since. :-) It's really wonderful to be able to wear sun dresses and little skirts and babydoll-tee-and-leggins combinations again!

Since I also haven't done very much in the way of creative things, I decided to join the Summer Essentials Sew Along. I've planned on sewing a couple of summery things anyway and I think it would be fun to do it as part of a group. :-) So, by August(-ish), I plan to sew the five following things:

A sun dress - I meant to do that anyway. The fabric was bought at the Holland Fabric Market and is a white cotton with embroidered blue flowers. I just need some light cotton lining - and I'll probably try to draft the pattern myself. It's just a bodice and flowing skirt anyway... I'm going to need to learn how to smock, though. Which will serve me well, because I also want to make...

A babydoll top, maybe in a red and white polka dot cotton fabric? In a sturdy jersey or a woven - which would need to be smocked.

A cute little dark blue and white polka dot jersey skirt. (I could also envision a pair of lounge-wear shorts in this fabric. I never wear shorts except to bed or as lounge-wear...)

A Carmen-(or peasant-) blouse in a slinky blue-ish fabric - or maybe white linen? Whatever fabric it's going to be, it needs to be almost off the shoulders and maybe with a little tie in the back...

Navy blue linen sailor trousers. I love linen trousers in summer, I love some of the sailor trousers I've seen the Me-Made-Mayers wear and I don't have one in navy yet...

So, I'm not actually making one item of each category (I don't wear shorts, I don't think I want to attempt making a bikini and I'd rather stick to the easy things than try to insert long sleeves and a zipper into a cardi...) but I hope nobody will mind.

Before I start on the Summer Essentials, I'm pledged for a surprise, though. It needs to be done by the weekend. Pictures, when I'm finished! :-)

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  1. Hello! So sorry I missed this -- looking forward to your essentials :) There are no rules, it's all about what you need this summer. Happy sewing! Looking forward to following your progress here and/or the Flickr group.