Saturday, June 26, 2010

swap event

I went through the whole of my closet and the boxes on top of my dresser today, in preparation for the swap-the-stuff-you-don't-wear-anymore event I held this afternoon. It's very funny, I think I've only thrown out a handful of clothing since... probably 9th grade? Which is about 8 years ago. Even when I moved out, I took almost all of my clothing with me. So there is a lot of stuff that either doesn't fit me anymore or hasn't been my style of fashion for a couple of years. I decided on a bagful of stuff that's definitely charity material and lots of stuff for swapping.

I didn't manage to swap off everything, unfortunately... It's funny, some of those pieces have so many memories attached (or at least a remembered high price tag), that I really don't want to donate them to charity. It would have been fine to give them to one of my friends, where I know they would be worn and appreciated. But I actually have no idea what happens to the clothes, once they're inside the donation boxes. I think the red cross sells them to second hand shops in bulk. Ah well.

On the upside, I recieved some nice things: a little red bolero cardi, a black off-the-shoulder pullover, a couple nice summer skirts - and a skirt that belonged to a friend's grandma, which has a really cute fabric that I think I might turn into a carmen blouse. I actually think the fabric might be enough for an additional short skirt. We'll see.

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