Monday, July 5, 2010

new summer essentials fabrics!

My boyfriend's parents were in Berlin for the weekend, and since they enjoy Turkish culture (they learn the language and spend at least two vacations a year somewhere in Turkey), I took them to see the Maybachufer Market on Friday. It's one of my favorite markets in Berlin, not only have they lots of market stands selling fresh produce, ripe fruit, vegetables, herbs, Mediterranean specialties like olives and sheep cheese spreads and sweet Oriental delicacies for low prices, they also have a lot of fabric stands selling anything from plain cotton fabric to Chinese jacquard, from polka dots to Indian sari prints. It's not the ideal place to look for something specific or outlandish, but browsing is great fun and the prices are really low - usually from 2-5 €/m. 

So since I was still looking for some fabrics for my Summer Essentials, I expanded my fabric stash by 2m of nice white cotton and a navy linen fabric (for the sailor pants), a meter each of a navy jersey with white polka dots (skirt) and two slinky fabrics in black with a white flower print (Carmen blouse?) and a striped burgundy (might become a pair of those cute Colette mini bloomers) as well as half a meter of red cotton with mini polka dots (babydoll top?) and a navy and white striped jersey, which is going to be my first stretch/knit project, producing a tank top and lounge shorts.

I do hope I'll find some time for sewing pretty soon, because I've got exams in two weeks and afterwards, it will be August... Today and tomorrow is full of B-day party organisation, Wednesday I'm on a trip... But Thursday to Monday is all free except for studying for my exams. I should get in some sewing time then. :-) Btw, others have already been way more productive than I, as anybody can see when looking at the Summer Essentials flickr group...

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