Monday, July 26, 2010

sewing sunday

I like Sundays, especially at the end of a long semester. Sleeping in, relaxing, sewing, reading... Also, I've got choir practice on Sundays, where I get to sing and see a lot of my friends. :-) Yesterday was very relaxed, with the semester now over, and I got some nice sewing in. I shortened a skirt for one of my friends and she was so happy to get it after choir practice! :-) I also redid the waist of my polka dot skirt. I was really unhappy with it, because that was the part where my seam ripped every couple of inches. So I cut it off on Saturday and spent a nice hour in front of the TV, ripping the fabric off the elastic and yesterday I attached a new waist. I wore it to choir and even got a couple of compliments for it! :-)

I also cut out the fabric for Summer Essential No. 3 - a short-sleeved peasant blouse in a slinky black&white fabric. I didn't use a pattern for it because I have a very similar long-sleeved blouse and the pattern and construction seem ridiculously easy - not much more than some rectangles with a shirred edge, really. I did make one silly mistake, though, and measured by eye instead of with my measuring tape, resulting in a pair of very tight sleeves. I don't have enough fabric to cut them out a second time but inserting a strip of fabric on the underside will probably do it. After sewing it up, I'll have to take a look at Cal Patch's "Design-it-yourself Clothes" for my last two Summer Essentials. And then I'll have to think about a birthday present for my best friend...

So, Happy Monday to everyone!

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  1. You know I'm psyched about the Cal Patch book, so I'm keeping my eyes peeled for what you come up with!