Friday, July 30, 2010

summer essential additions

With exams over and the weather being a lot cooler the last couple of days, I actually finished up some more Summer Essentials! The black&white peasant blouse turned out very pretty, even though the sleeves still are a little tight. 

It's practically four squares, a little shirring and a tie in the back, so it was very easy to make. I wore it to the performance of a friend last night and got some compliments for it. :-) 

I really like how the fabric looks, although I'm not sure it was a good choice. I discovered darkish stains under my arms this morning... I hope that a couple of washings will help with that, though. The "pattern" is definitely a keeper, although I'll take special care with the sleeves next time and will probably lengthen it by one or two inches.

I've already decided to make it in red&white polka dots and some nice white fabric! :-)

I also finished a sundress/babydoll top that started life as a vintage skirt that my good friend Maike gave me. I did take a picture before taking it apart, but can't seem to find it... anyway, after unpicking all the box pleats, I had two rather large pieces, one of which I used for the top. The other I've planned on turning into an easy skirt. I used a lot of eyeballing for the top and cut it in half (for the front and back) before thinking about it, so in the end I had to insert two triangles at the side to get the right shape. 

I used some shirring at the back, and I think I fell in love with the technique. I also used it on the peasant blouse and I think it looks marvellous!


I guess it could be worn as a sundress at the beach, but I feel more comfortable wearing it with leggins...

I rather like how it turned out!

Not sure if I manage to finish anything else before August 1st (which isn't tomorrow, as I thought for the last couple of days, but on Sunday!) but the pledge said "August-ish" so I'll definitely finish the other items on my list: navy linen sailor trousers and a white sundress!

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