Wednesday, August 4, 2010

new fabric!

I went fabric shopping today! I needed something for a little project of mine, and of course I couldn't stop there... I found some seriously cute fabrics, so my little seamstress's heart is leaping while my wallet is frowning at me - but my stash isn't all that big, yet, anyway, and I bought almost all of it with a project in mind... (well, something along the lines of "Hey, what a cute fabric! I could totally turn it into a very pretty dress! ;-) )

But seriously, aren't they beautiful? The grey one with the bubbles is shimmery and slinky, I think it would make a pretty dress. Maybe a sheath dress with elegant lines, to set of the frivolity of the bubbles... Grey usually doesn't go all that nicely with my reddish complexion, but I think this one might work...

I fell in love with the strawberry fabric when I saw it. It's just so crisp and cute! A little piece will be used for my (as of yet still secret, because it's a surprise) project and I can see it as a dress with a black bodice or maybe as another peasant blouse... Not sure yet what I'm going to do with the plums. If nothing presents itself to me, they'll be turned into an apron. I could see them as a skirt, though, too...

The blue one is definitely going to be another peasant blouse, and the white one might, too... Both the green ones are for my secret project. Which I need to start on, since I'm going on holiday tomorrow noon!

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