Sunday, August 1, 2010

same thing in red

Today I made another peasant blouse. I guess I'm on a fast-and-easy trip - I could make this pattern again and again. Sitting down to make something and being able to wear it a couple hours later is a pretty awesome feeling. :-) 

I'm thinking of making up a tutorial for the blouse. What do you say? It's very easy to do, no pattern needed (just measurements) and there's really nothing complicated about it, no button holes, no zipper... I want another one, anyway (maybe in blue with tiny white polka dots, next time?) so I'm going to take pictures then!

The fabric is from the Maybachufer Market here in Berlin, it's cotton and I bought it with the Summer Essentials Sewalong in mind. I originally envisioned it as a babydoll top, but I realized that I hadn't bought enough fabric for an A-line shape. No matter, I really like how this turned out. And look! I didn't take self-timed pictures in my kitchen! I talked my boyfriend into taking pics of me on the way to the flea marked (where I didn't find any nice clothes or jewelery or fabric, but bought a nice red leather wallet).


  1. I love this blouse!The fabric is great and it looks great on you.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! There's no protocol for joining My Handmade Closet, just a wish to fill your own closet with handmade things.

    Sarah :)

  2. It would be very nice if you could do a tutorial... that blouse is lovely... I also need to do some tutorial but I am still figuring out the software program details...