Monday, August 23, 2010

summer, where are you?

Hello everybody! Yes, I know, it's been a while. I'm on holiday right now and have been since my last post. The first weekend was spent with my best friend, celebrating her birthday. Remember the surprise I was sewing? It was a gift for her, a tote bag in green with polka dots, and I stitched/applied a pair of cherries onto it and lined it with the green gingham.

The application turned out to be a lot easier than I thought, but I still needed two tries for the bag... The original plan was to use red satin bias tape for the edges, but it was a pain to work around the curves and I couldn't get it to lie wrinkle free, so now only the top edge is red. Also, I stupidly didn't buy enough fabric for a handle... *facepalm* Ah well.

After that, my boyfriend and I went to visit our parents (respectively, but they live in the same town anyway...), and we'll only leave for home sometime this week, after his mom's b-day on Wednesday. During all the family hubbub there wasn't all that much time for blogging or sewing, although I did manage to get in a couple of things for Self-Stitched September. I also got a bunch of lovely new fabric at the Holland fabric market in Freiburg! I'll put up pictures as soon as I am back home.

I haven't managed to finish either of my Summer Essential leftovers - the sun-dress and the linen sailor trousers. Both projects seemed more involved than I wanted to get into while spending time with my family, and additionally, the weather hasn't been all that summery since the beginning of August. While we did have some sunny days and also a lot of days that were around 20°C, at least half the time was pretty cold and wet. And here I remember my childhood, spending practically the whole of August at the pool...

Ah well, I had a nice time anyway. I visited the fabric market in Freiburg with my parents and we spent the night and had a lovely dinner over the border in France, we spent four days in Austria in a lovely hotel which had a nice spa, last weekend was spent with my family plus boyfriend in Switzerland (yes, I do live near a lot of borders ;-) ), I also had to watch a lot of soccer and golf on the TV, help cook countless wonderful and yummy family dinners, drink lots of good wine... I had a lovely time. Still, it's going to be nice to be back home next week. :-)

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  1. I hear you; I'm visiting family and I vaguely considered sewing just because I can, but have momentarily decided against it. Better to enjoy our time :)

    Adorable bag!