Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oh, noes! Pocket woes....

Guess what I did - I started on my sailor trousers today. I cut them out, basted them, tried them on for fit, noticed a bit of excess fabric at the front, where my legs meet my torso... I thought a bit about it, had a look at a good-fitting pair of jeans and lowered the front waistline about an inch, shortening the crotch curve in the process. Then I started stitching the middle seams together, with French seams, all the while thinking about how to do the button fasteners at the side. 

Then I thought: this pair of trousers definitely needs pockets! I had looked over a couple of tutorials on how to make them before and was pretty confident I knew how to construct them, so I decided to wing it. And I made a pair of very cute side pockets, with polka dot lining.

Then I stitched up the side seam (on the finished pocket's side).

Then I tried them on again. I thought: "Funny, the pockets are really high... umm, strange, didn't I shorten the front rise earlier...?!? Oh, ..." I patted my back. "Noooooo!" The back rise hardly cleared my behind.

Yup. Smart Alessa. I put the pockets in on the backside. *facepalm*

Umm, yes. Well. I guess I will be able to salvage my stupid mistake... somehow. It's just that I was really happy about how well these trousers were working out, since I had never made any before. And now I need to rip out stitches. And put in patches. And add the pockets at the front. And I haven't ever made button-holes, and I'm going to need at least three... 

Also, the only remotely self-stitched thing I wore today were socks, knit by my grandma. Oops. 

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  1. Ack! Oh, no! I've had something like that happen before. Nothing to do but pick it out and try again.

    They are super cute pockets - I love the lining. :)