Thursday, September 2, 2010

Self-Stitched September, Day 1

And here is my outfit. The me-made things I'm wearing are my not-yet-posted-about black tank-top (as an undershirt) and striped sailor shirt.

Both have seen a lot of wear since their creation a couple of weeks ago, although I haven't hemmed them yet... Here is a slightly crappy picture of the whole outfit:

Both were taken with self-timer and an improvised tripod (a table) in my parents' little garden. Look, the first blueberries are ripe! And they're yummy, too. :)

And doesn't my mom have the cutest little watering can? There are pink checkers and a cow on it!

I'm on my way back to Berlin tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it, because I love Berlin, I'm excited that I'm meeting my friends again and that we're back to being a two-some, my boyfriend and I. But I'm also a little sad because I always love it at my parents' and I don't think I see them often enough...

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