Sunday, September 12, 2010

Self-Stitched September, Day 10, 11 & 12

I'm very happy to say that the last three days have been proper, warm and sunny end-of-summer days, so I didn't have to be cold in my summery skirts. My stepdad has been here for the weekend, working a little and meeting some old uni friends and we spend a couple of nice breakfasts and evenings together. :-)

Friday was another iteration of the pleated polka-dot skirt. Do I need to mention that I really like it? ;-)

I spent part of the day on a refashion, though, so my wardrobe will be a little more lively for the rest of the month. The original was a very cheap waist-high pencil skirt that I bought for a costume party.

I didn't like the below-the-knee length or the fit at the waist, so I took the waist off, adjusted the side-seams, added back darts, shortened the zipper and put it back in and added a new contrast waistband. The fabric ist still a pretty cheap, slightly stretchy cotton but it looks way nicer now. :)

I wore it yesterday and really liked the look.

After breakfast, I spent some time in the nicest fabric/craft-store in town, right next to the KaDeWe. It's called idee, and if you ever come to Berlin, you really need to have a look around. I love it there, bolts upon bolts of the most beautiful fabric, awesome buttons and everything you might ever want to have! Most of the really nice fabric is awfully expensive, though... Still, I got the bright red rib knit I came for and also took some black denim (I think) for a pair of trousers and some navy denim for a skirt. Yay, fabric heaven!

Today, when I got up the sun was shining brightly and I really wanted my black strawberry fabric to be a skirt... It didn't work out as quick as I hoped, of course (my bobbin tension and I didn't see quite eye to eye) but I did manage another box-pleated skirt in about 2 hours. This one has a facing instead of an attached waistband and I "ditch-stitched" on top of the box pleats to secure the facing.

I originally planned a side-zipper with the pleats in front and three in the back, but it looked nicer with a back zipper and side-pleats.

Since the weather was so nice, we took a walk around our quarter of the town and I made my b/f take my pictures (yesterday and the day before, too). He was hesitant because he loathes taking pictures, but I could entice him in the end... ;) We also came across a street fair and found a pair of very cute blue glittery leather ice skates in a vintage 70s leather bag. They actually fit me and my b/f gave them to me! :) He's such a dear.

I hope the next few days bring a bit more of the summery weather, but after that it's autumn sewing for me! I have an almost-finished jersey shirt/blouse thingy and I really want to tackle those sailor trousers that are a leftover from my summer-essential sewing! 

Have a nice start of the week everybody!

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  1. Fantastic outfits! I hope you'll post a picture of the awesome ice skates! :)