Monday, September 20, 2010

Self-Stitched September, Days 13-19

Um, no, I haven't forgotten about SSS. I just felt too busy for writing blog-posts. So here's an update for the last week:

Monday, 13th: self-stitched red polka-dot peasant blouse with unfinished black sweatshirt thingy and lacy black tank-top underneath. The sweatshirt thingy isn't long enough, so I've been meaning to attach cuffs, shirttails and a collar. Haven't yet, though.

No pictures for Tuesday, I was wearing my lacy black tank, though - as practically every day of September. Yes, I do wash it occasionally... ;-)

Wednesday, 14th: self-stitched strawberry skirt, with non-self-stitched pink sweatshirt and new knee socks. And nobody there to take my picture...

I wore exactly the same outfit the next day, though. Mostly, because I'm not quite sure about the knee socks and wanted to get feedback. B/f didn't notice them but when asked thought the bows at the knees were cute. BMF thought they were a no-go. Female friends haven't commented yet. I think they're practical for the current weather and they feel cute, but after seeing the photos I'm not so sure...

Friday, 17th: navy striped sweatshirt and me-made red button necklace.

No photo again for Saturday, because I only wore my black lacy tank as an undershirt, so nothing to see. Which has led me to the philosophical question: if I wear a self-stitched garment but nobody can see it, do I wear it? Is it self-stitched? ;) Um, yes, no more white wine for me, I guess...

Today I did a quick refashion of one of my favorite bought garments, a coral cardigan, bought in spring. I wore it while cleaning the kitchen sink with chlorine bleach and got some of it on the cardi. Bad move, white stains... I applied some elastic lace over the stains today and I think it looks cute. I guess I'll also apply some along the collar for a more balanced look tomorrow, and then I can wear it again! :) Yay!

Oh, and see the Bernina bags? The Holland fabric market I visited in Freiburg last month came to Potsdam today! I really couldn't resist going there again, so many wonderful fabrics and lots of not-too-expensive notions! I got five short zippers for 2,50€ and a 60cm red one that can be opened at the bottom for 3,-€ (fabric store price: 8,95€)! I also picked up a couple of nice jersey fabrics and some organza, since I see quite a few button holes in my future...

Btw, isn't Potsdam lovely?

In other sewing news, I have finally started on designing the basic pants/trousers pattern from the Cal Patch book. I guess I can start sewing tomorrow! :)

In other non-sewing news, I have decided to emulate Sarah and her Adventures in Domestic Goddessing (really, doesn't she always have the most wonderful ideas?) and get out some of my huge collection of cookbooks.

While she is actually cooking from one of two very yummy looking books every day (!) for TWO weeks, I've decided to do a light version: try a new meal at least twice a week, at least until I start my trip around the world - and hopefully I'll remember taking the challenge up after getting back in February. :)

So here's what I came up with last night: Thuringian stir-fry containing Thuringian sausages, onions and apple slices (from one of my two 365 days cookbooks), served with potatoes&butter.

If you think that combining apples and onions is strange, you should really try this - it's practically just all sautéed in butter and seasoned with majoram. Very yummy. :)

So, happy start of the week, everybody!

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  1. Love your outfits, i think those socks are cute. Good luck with your trousers!