Saturday, September 18, 2010

travel plans (not sewing-related)

I'm a little bit excited. Ok, to be honest, probably a lot. I booked/paid for my round-the-world ticket today. I'm really going to travel around the world for pretty much exactly 16 weeks - most of them on my own, although my bf is joining me for 3 weeks of Australia. Whew. Also, I can pick up my NZ work visa on Monday... so I'll really have my passport back in time to actually start my travels...

You can see, I'm still a little bit overwhelmed. I know I wanted to do this since high school, and I actually started planning it over a year ago. I've been saving money for ages. My plans have changed quite a bit in the past year, I'll be traveling for 4 months instead of 7 and I didn't get the clerkship in Canada, I'm not going to visit South America or Hawaii and I'll only spent 2 weeks total in Asia and none of that in India. Still, for my current needs my plans are pretty much perfect. It's actually happening.

Ok, so wanna know all the exciting places I'll see, starting in October?

  • New York City, 2 weeks (although I want to spend part of that time traveling around New England. Boston is a must and I also thought about visiting Niagara Falls and Toronto...
  • Nashville, TN, 1 week (visiting my host-family from my year as an au-pair and a dear friend in Bowling Green, KY)
  • Los Angeles, CA (just one day for layover)
  • Auckland, NZ (from there I have 10 days for traveling the northern island until I need to start my medical clerkship in...)
  • New Plymouth, Taranaki, NZ (4 weeks of clerkship, hope I can travel on weekends. After that, I have a week to reach...)
  • Queenstown, NZ, from where I'll take a plane to
  • Melbourne, Australia. I've got a pen pal there, maybe she'll have a coffee with me... A couple days later, I'll meet my bf in
  • Sydney, Australia and I guess we'll spend Christmas there. After that, we have 3 weeks of traveling around before I need to make my way to
  • Brisbane, Australia, from where my plane leaves for 
  • Singapore (1 day of layover). Then there's
  • Tokyo, Japan (4 days)
  • Hong Kong (1 day layover) and
  • Phuket, Thailand (5 days) before I make my way back to
  • Munich, Germany (where my parents will pick me up to celebrate my step-dad's B-Day.)

So, I guess you can see why I'm excited... ^^

Hmm, so anyone up for a coffee if I travel by near your place? Or do you have recommendations for places I need to see? You know, the places that tourists and their Lonely Planet guidebooks only have a chance to stumble over by sheer dumb luck? Cute little coffee shops, cookie bakeries, antique book stores, thrift shops, flea markets, fabric stores, quaint little museums...

Hope you have a lovely day!

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