Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Zoe-Inspired Coffee-Date Ruffle Top

After Saturday's pocket woes, I wanted to get my mind off failures, so I started on something I'd been wanting to make for ages: a version of Zoe's Coffee-Date ruffle top! I've been in love with it since seeing it on her blog during Me-Made May, so I asked if I could shamelessly steal borrow her idea and she gracefully allowed me to. :-)

I used a grayish/navy cotton knit (I assume, since it only has the knit stretch) I bought at the Holland fabric market in Potsdam with this in mind. It's not too thin and has just a little stretch, so it was a lot easier to sew than the lycra-blend I used for the wrap top. The top itself was very straightforward, so I even took the time to make a pattern for the bodice and sleeves (since it is slightly inconvenient to use a real shirt as a guide every time...) I also actually finished the neckline with what I think is called a crew-neck? It's part of the basic tee tutorial I linked to on my (newly added!) resources page, and I think found the link on Zoe's blog once upon a time...

I didn't quite know how to add the ruffle front, because even though I had the Coffee Date Dress pattern, there weren't any instructions... So I looked it up in burdastyle again and do you know what? The pattern made by the Selfish Seamstress!

(Ok, so you probably knew that. I didn't, though... I wonder what kind of awesomely beautiful patterns she made that she keeps for herself, when she's sharing that kind of dress with us...)

What's better, she has the instructions for construction and the adding of the ruffles for Download on her blog. Yay! Took me ages to place the ruffles in a way that I liked, then sew them on and take out the gathering stitches, but hey, it was totally worth it! I'm in love with the top! :)

I wore it yesterday with my red refashioned skirt and today with a denim skirt:

Hmm, I guess I'd better clean that mirror sometime soon... ;-)

BTW, while Saturday was a failure regarding Self-Stitched September (I did wear socks my grandma had knit, though), I wore the wrap-top and jeans again on Sunday. No pics, though... I guess I'm growing weary of taking photographs every day. But alas, only two days of September left...


  1. I love yout top it looks great! I love your red skirt too.

  2. It looks fab! I've always loved that top on Zoe, and you're rockin' it too. I also found Mad Mim's tute so, so helpful for tee-construction. :)

    By the way, beautiful blogger, you're nominated!

  3. Oooh! I love it! What a fabulous top! :)

  4. Oh, I like this idea! I've been trying to come up with ways to make interesting knit tops now that I've got a pretty good basic pattern figured out. :)

  5. Yours has come out way better than mine was! (I say 'was' because sadly it was a victim of my recent wardrobe cull but I'm sad I let it go so don't want to talk about it!.) Your version's neckline is much cleaner, you've done a fantastic job. Thanks very much for the links, much appreciated. Great work during SSS, happy sewing!