Tuesday, October 19, 2010

greetings from a traveller

Funny, it feels like much more than two weeks have past since I last blogged. It feels like I've been travelling for much longer than 9 days, too...

I'm on my third stop now, in Washington D.C. after stops in New York and Boston now. Each stop has its own rhythm, depending on where I'm staying but I've been spending quite some time sitting around in Starbuck's Cafés, resting my feet and making use of the wifi... I managed to install Skype on my Linux netbook, so I've been phoning with my family and boyfriend quite a bit...

Apart from that I've walked lots. I like getting a feel for the places I'm staying by just walking around the streets, having a look at the people and the architecture and the little shops and cafés... I liked SoHo and Greenwich Village in New York a lot, and the part of Cambridge between Harvard and Center Station.

My Hostel in D.C. is just about 10 walking minutes from the Mall, so I've been there visiting museums, today. I've been in quite a few cute little thrift shops, although most have been ridiculously overpriced... Just because they say it's vintage, it's not supposed to cost 70$, I say. Ah well, it's not like I have all that much room in my backpack anyway...

As I read what you lot have been up to, sewing wise, I miss my machine a little. I'm even thinking of taking up knitting for my travels. Not sure if I want to lug around balls of yarn, though... At least I have been managing to wear my self-stitched things almost every day.

The strawberry skirt has seen some use in NYC and in Boston I wore my so-new-I-haven't-even-taken-a-proper-picture fleece jacket! It's very warm and cozy and I love the color! I managed to almost finish it before I left and just now hand-stitched the lining to the zipper in the bus to Boston. :)

So, does anyone have any tips for fabric-browsing in DC, NYC, Nashville/TN or LA? Or after that, Auckland? Or any nice thrift shops?


  1. http://www.yelp.com/biz/p-and-s-fabrics-corp-new-york

    a few links before flying to Barcelona... hope you are having fun in NY.
    Check out Dana from Made for LA

  2. How fun to check in with you on your travels! You're in my old stomping grounds, I used to live on 16th and U in DC, NW and that's where I learned to sew! There used to be a lovely fabric store on K Street and some great little boutiquey places on the U Street corridor and in Adam's Morgan. There were also a great many estate sales a bit north (closer to the Maryland border) when I was there. When I'm in LA, I of course go to the Fashion District, Michael Levine's probably being the most famous of the fabric stores (because it's enormous) but there's tons in that area. Not to be missed in LA: The FIDM Scholarship Store on grand. Cheap clothes and fabric for $1/yard (at designer length). That's where I stocked up on beautiful knits! Safe travels :)

  3. Glad to see you're having a great time! I have netbook envy, you lucky thing!

    Looking forward to more posts :)

  4. Wow, you are having an incredible trip!! So lucky! :)
    You'll find plenty of gorgeous fabric stores in the garment district in NTC, too many to list...
    The graffiti in the top photo is just amazing. And I still love that strawberry skirt!