Friday, October 1, 2010

Self-Stitched September conclusion and Blogger Award!

Look at that: September is over... It's been a lot of fun, wearing self-stitched things every day for the whole month! I've learned a lot of things during the time: how to sew knits without an overlocker (although I'd really like to have one! I love knits!), which kind of garments my self-stitched wardrobe still needs if I ever want to contemplate doing a full-fledged month of wearing handmades (like, trousers/jeans, a denim skirt, underwear, lounge and sleepwear, more tops...), that it's kind of strenuous to take pictures of myself every day...

It seems like such a long month to me, when usually time flies for me. Maybe because of the weather - I started the month with a summer skirt and tank-top and have been wearing wooly tights for the last couple of days. Also, I think maybe the process of documenting has made me more aware of each day.


I like that SSS made me sew more than I usually do. Three tops and three skirts plus the cardi refashion/embellishment, a half-finished pair of trousers and a cut-out, ready to sew fleece cardi - not bad for a month. :) Although I have to say, all of these (except for the unfinished things) were pretty quick projects, with next to no planning involved. I love my knit tops and cute little skirts, and they made me realize that sewing really isn't complicated, that if it's an easy project, I can go with my gut feeling. Still, in the future I'd like to focus on getting better at the planning stage. As Zoe and Ali and probably countless others have already written, quick&easy is nice, but what we really want in our wardrobes are well-constructed, beautiful garments that fit us and that we like to wear for a long time. I know I have skimped a little on the well-constructed in favor for the quick&easy, and I hope I haven't acquired any bad habits yet...

I'm a little sad that I can't keep rolling, with my 4-month world trip just around the corner, but once I'm back it's already time to start sewing for Me-Made March, so I guess I'll just do a lot of planning until then! ;) Also, I'm definitely packing some of my me-mades, so I can show them off in front of the Statue of Liberty and the Sydney Opera House, on the beaches and mountains of New Zealand and in the Streets of Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo... :)

This month definitely made me think of my self-stitched garments as an integral part of my wardrobe, and I like how it now feels natural to reach for something handmade in the morning. It did make me think more about what to wear, though, because I didn't just want to document endless repeats. Usually, I wear the same (or nearly the same) out fit for several days, but just the thought of taking pictures every day made me want to pick out something new each morning.

I also liked that SSS gave me something to blog about - even though I'm in two minds about outfit posts. I think it's nice for something like SSS and I love to see the kind of garments all of you have in their handmade wardrobe, but apart from that they seem a little insubstantial. Once I'm back, I'd like to document my construction and sewing process a little better, as some of you do, and post about that. For the next 4 months, though, this will be more of a travel blog than a sewing blog, although I plan to visit lots of fabric stores everywhere I go, take pictures of cool clothing I stumble across, share some of my inspirations... I hope you'll bear with me. :)

Now, before I end, the wonderful Ali of Wardrobe Re-imagined was nice enough to nominate me for a Beautiful Blogger Award! (Thanks, Ali! :) The rules are to share 10 things about myself and nominate five bloggers for the award.

#1 - I'm short-sighted, but I only wear my glasses at Uni and for driving. They look nice but I guess I'm just too vain...

#2 - My little sister (she's 2 years younger than me) wanted to be a fashion designer when she was a kid. She found out she doesn't like sewing, though, and now she requests that I sew clothes for her...

#3 - I played the flute until I finished school. I haven't played in 5 years though, and now I'd love to learn playing the piano or the saxophone...

#4 - Regarding sports (and most hobbies, really), I have the attention span of a gnat. The sports classes I have been taking at Uni in the past 4 years have included rollerskating, fencing, meridian yoga, pilates, ballroom dancing and salsa dancing, but nothing for more than 2 semesters.

#5 - I love costume parties and I try to find at least 4 excuses for having one every year. Thankfully, most of my friends humor me even though they don't like dressing up all that much. ;)

#6 - I spend an unmentionable time each day reading fan-fiction (I know, but I read at moderated archives, so no bad grammar or punctuation and the stories are really interesting). If I didn't, I'd probably be top of my class, have a wardrobe full of handmades and know lots more about literature than I do now.

#7 - My BF and I have been together for over 8 years now. Yes, we were high-school sweethearts. *heart* No, we won't marry anytime soon... ;)

#8 - I live in Berlin and I love it here, but originally I come from a little town all the way in the South of Germany, where most people speak in a way that has to be subtitled for the rest of Germany, if they are interviewed for TV.

#9 - I guess I'm a pretty nerdy girl. I run the Linux-system Kubuntu on my computer, I love Star Trek and lots of other science fiction and fantasy, I occasionally like to wear Vulcan/Fairy ears, I play RPGs in my free time, I've always liked the sciences and if I hadn't studied Medicine, it would have been a tie between Physics and Graphic Design/Photography...

#10 I've inherited my Mom's cookbook-collecting gene. I can hardly walk by a display of cookbooks without looking at them and taking the one with the most beautiful photography home with me...

Now for five beautiful bloggers... I'm tagging:

Jen from Pretty Little Pictures, who has just moved to Sydney and has an amazingly cute wardrobe!

Astrid from Sew Sixties, who has only been sewing for a few months, but has whipped up quite a few amazingly cute dresses.

The Sewing Princess, who has some really nice tutorials and makes very cute rings from her fabric scraps.

Non-sewing blogs:

Tartelette, who blogs delicious recipes and has some seriously beautiful food photography.

Avialle, who is going to be a surgeon and writes my favorite German medstudent blog. :)


  1. Nice to discover those facts about you. It's so exciting you are taking a world trip...Hopefully you will have some time to update us on your adventures and all the sewing treasures you discover. When you are back you should plan another trip to Orta in the sunny season and get together for a blogger meeting!
    Thanks for tagging me!

  2. You're welcome! Well deserved. I love all these facts about you! I look forward to dropping in on your travels these coming months.

    I went through a little cookbook collecting phase, too, until I realized I'd run out of room :0 and lucky little sister! That's always the strange thing about sewing, I think, people always ask if you can make them things. I'm currently whipping up something for my sis now; but I don't like sewing for others. I'd like to think it's not 'cause I'm selfish but because I become hyperaware of all flaws now that someone's privy to the inside of the garments! Here's to overlockers!

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