Wednesday, October 27, 2010

traveling further

Hi everybody! First of all, thanks so much for your fabric shop suggestions! I went to most of them and had so much fun!

I liked D.C. a lot, I spent loads of time in the different museums and also a day in Georgetown. I met lots of really nice people at the hostel and we had some great days together!

I went to the American Gallery, and although I prefer modern and contemporary art, some of the paintings really struck me. It's the first time that I consciously looked at the way the fabric was painted... 

Look at that gorgeous blue fabric, how it shimmers and falls!

And when I looked at this painting, my first thought was: wow, cute dress! *lol*

I also went to the Natural History Museum, and guess what they had: half a dozen crocheted coral reefs! And they were huge! Some of them were made from wool and some were recycled plastic and cellophane and tapes... It must have taken ages to make!

Also, I tried to be smart in Washington and googled for "fabric shopping" and actually found a couple of shops. They were even conveniently located on the way between Georgetown and my hostel - but when I got there, I couldn't find any of them... I was a little bit disappointed but my wallet (and back) were rather happy about it... ;)

Back in New York, I was again rather happy about my aforementioned new fleece sweater, and I actually took some pictures of it, so here it is:

It's embroidered fleece, lined with a cute rose-printed jersey and I used jersey ribbing for the cuffs and hem. I traced the pattern from and existing sweater and modified it. I think I cut the arm-scythes of the lining a bit too big because the fabric drags there, but it's not too bad...

I spent two afternoons in the garment district, and was overwhelmed with all the shops. The first day, I was a little late, so apart from a couple of trimming shops (where I found some really cute buttons and elastic lace) I only had time to go into Mood. I have to say that I didn't like it all that much, it felt very cluttered and the fabrics felt cheaper than their actual price. They did have a pretty big selection, though... The next day, I went by I think it was P&S Fabrics near Chinatown, and while I didn't find any fabric, they had a huge bowl of buttons for 25c a piece. I found some cute gold ones with anchors and some other gold ones and those cute teal ones...

I also went to B&J, NY Elegant Fabrics and to Paron, but conscious that I'd have to carry the stuff or send it home, nothing awed me enough to actually buy it... except for the slightly stretchy pinstripe in dark blue you see above, from Paron's 50% section. It feels really nice and at 9 bucks a yard, I thought the money was well spent. Especially since it reminded me of this Desigual dress:

I tried it and really liked the look, but not only was it crazy expensive, it also didn't have *any* darts whatsoever - not at the bust, not at the back - so the fit was rather awful... I'm set on recreating it, though! I also saw some more cute styles, and I think I'm going to scour some fabric shops for shiny upholstering/home decor fabric to make something like this:

Oh, and I totally forgot, I also went to Purl in SoHo... such a beautiful shop!

They had so many cute fabrics!

And colorful yarns, and decorations, and, and, and...

I would have loved to buy lots of stuff there, alas, it was very expensive...

Yesterday, my friend from Kentucky picked me up in Nashville, and this morning we went shopping... Bad idea, I guess, since we went by a Walmart and they had a pretty big fabric section - between 2 and 5 $/yd!

Look, it's Elvis fabric, just like Sarah's! I think she made a circle skirt from it and I think that's a great idea! The one on the left side is destinied for a shirt dress, I think, and the third one from the left will become a little A-line skirt, like the ones Ali has made. The last one is from Hobby Lobby, and may be turned into a dress I've seen at Pin Up Girl Clothing...

Well, as soon as I get home, at least...


  1. I'm jealous you got to spend some time in the garment district. I love that place but it's been way too long since I've last had the chance to visit. I agree when you say it's quite overwhelming. That's why I need to LIVE in NYC. Then I can just go everyday. :)
    I agree with the Mood being a let down as well. Really, What's so great about it? It's totally cluttered and seems a little "dirty". I don't know maybe that was just me but it's nice to know I wasn't the only one with higher hopes of the place. :)

  2. cute shop! and fun reading blog!
    look forward to seeing what you write about Trelise Cooper Fabric Store :) xx