Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things I like... Holiday Inspiration - Tutorials

I'm pitifully behind on posts on (all three of) my blogs, but reading through my blog feed the past couple of days, I have decided that I'd really like to share some of the things I've stumbled over with you. Sarah and Casey both do that, and I love their inspiration posts, so I'm shamelessly stealing the idea... ;) Though, with my amount of spare time at the moment, it'll probably be more of an occasional than a weekly post...

This week: Holiday Inspiration - Tutorials

1. A looong collection of beautiful tutorials for holiday gifts over on Ms. Cuteness's blog including (but not limited to)

fabulous fabric-covered button necklaces

incredibly cute clutches and

a totally cute hat!

Among more than a dozen other intriguing tutorials.

2. Leather and Lace bangles by One Pearl Button

3. Vintage Purse Organizers by Vintage Girl

4. Boo Dogg's Fabric Necklaces (Tutorial by Amy Butler)

5. and not to forget, Tilly's Crafty Christmas Club, where an incredible amount of cute handmade gifts have already been posted (but you all knew about that, right?).

Have a wonderful week, everybody!


  1. These are awesome!! I have to bookmark this post...How are your travels? Looking forward to your next travel post. :)

  2. Ooh, these look like some fantastic holiday gift ideas!! Cute :)

  3. Thanks, you two! My travels are going fine, although I have been pretty stationary for the past 3.5 weeks, doing my medical clerkship in Taranaki. But I'm continuing on Friday!