Saturday, February 5, 2011

back home - almost!

Hello my fellow seamstresses! I've managed to make my way back to Germany and am now enjoying a nice few days at home with my parents (mostly lounging around in lounge pants and hoodies, which reminds me: need to sew comfort garments!). My da turned 55 a couple of days ago, so we had a schnapps tasting in honor of the schnapps birthday (55 being a schnapps number, seeing as it suggests double vision... Ah, I know, Germans and schnapps... ;) and I'm due back home in Berlin on Sunday.

I have enjoyed the rest of my travels a lot, although it would have been lovely had my boyfriend been able to come with me. As it was, he needed to get back home and I travelled Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Phuket for 2 weeks. It was my first time in Asia, and I loved the cultural differences, even though the hustle bustle of the big cities made me a bit tired... Lucky I got to have a beach holiday for the last 5 days! Now I'm nicely tanned, even though the weak winter sun has already paled my complexion... ;)

I found some lovely pale yellow silk for a slip in Singapore and some black Thai silk for a half slip in Phuket. I also wandered Hong Kong's garment district and scored lots of lovely trims and ribbons and some nice blue border print as well as some denim. What I liked best, though, were the Japanese 100Yen-Shops, were I got cute ribbons and cloth-covered-button-kits! I could have spent thousands of Yen there, alas, I had to think of my back (and the airline's baggage allowance...). Also, I bought the cutest hat in Tokyo! I think I may have to put together a post with all the lovely things I bought during my travels... :)

Now without further ado, some more visual impressions from my journey, before I let you get on with daily life and sewing pretty things... :)

Singapore (and thanks to Adey from The Sew Convert for fabric buying and sight seeing tips!):


Hong Kong:

Phuket Town and Kata Beach - look at that cute little open sewing studio!