Friday, February 25, 2011

progress... well, maybe a little

Those last 2 weeks have gone by like a whirlwind, with very little to show for... I had three project days (I'm part of a med-student project where we show 3rd graders lots of fun things about healthy eating and living), my family was here for the weekend and then I lay flat with the cold from hell for 3 days - which means that a lot less than I had hoped for got accomplished.

Still, I got done some things. ..

1. Wardrobe cull: check. I guess I could have been more thorough, but I'm saving that for a time when my teeth don't chatter while I try on clothes in front of the mirror. Swap party and flea market day are planned for May!

2. I started on my Crêpe dress! Ah, the instructions are a dream! (Especially compared to Burda 3477, which is also a curren WIP). Tracing took me a while but I wanted to save the pattern. I sewed up a bodice muslin yesterday and altered the darts a bit. I hope it'll do...

(This is before the altering of the darts. I also suspect I'll have to let out the waist a bit and shorten it by half an inch. I wonder what that'll to do the waist ties...)

3. Burda 3477, a lined Princess seam dress in turquoise wool (and maybe another version in brown/tan plaid), is going to amount to my winter sewing. I know, winter's almost over (I wish!) but the two dresses will probably keep until mid-spring at least. Anyway, I remember now why I've never lined anything yet. Slippery, slippery fabric... also, the instructions are atrocious. My books haven't really helped me out yet. Must google some more. Also: tracing was one hell of a job. Why exactly are the lines green on green?!? But: the pattern was picked up for a dress for my mom and she's another size, so I had to save it.

4. I'm also daydreaming about handmade jewelery involving bangles, buttons, fabric scraps and other things, but that can wait until after my dresses are done. I think.

What are you working on right now?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I leave you with a taste of spring (yes, tulips are my favorite flowers...)


  1. Your bodice is looking very good. Oh, I just love that neckline. This is going to be a wonderful dress.Good luck with it!

  2. I hope you're feeling better after that nasty cold! Your crepe bodice is looking good and that turquoise wool dress sounds heavenly!

    I finally finished my Kate Jeans! :)

  3. Yeah! The Crepe, now that it's getting closer to spring I think I'll finally get around to it. I've probably been dilly dallying because I know I'll have to make changes to the pattern too! Can't wait to see yours. :)