Sunday, March 13, 2011

the first few days of march

March 6

Today was the first time in weeks that I have actually felt excited about getting dressed. Possibly the first time since getting back from my world trip, 4 weeks ago. This may have been partly because I finally finished my first Spring Pattern Challenge (and sewalong) piece yesterday: the gorgeously wonderful red and white polka dot Crêpe! This pattern was such a joy to work with (especially after Burda 3477, which, incidentally, is also almost finished and just waiting for some hand sewing to attach the lining at the zipper and shoulder seam). And it turned out so beautiful! I'm seriously in love with it, both the pattern itself and how it turned out. I'm already planning to make another one, maybe in a light rayon for the height of summer. :)

The other reason for me to get excited about getting dressed today is probably that I left cold and dreary Berlin (which has had pretty much freezing temperatures for the past 4 weeks) for warmer-by-at-least-10-degrees-and-also-mostly-sunny Portugal today! While I wished I had put on legwarmers this morning on my way to the airport (after 1h of sleep due to a birthday party last night), I actually walked around coatless and just in my Crêpe dress and a cardigan this afternoon, without freezing! It was so lovely, sitting in the sun...

I was seriously frustrated with the first couple of days of Me-Made March, mostly because my uniform for the past weeks has pretty much consisted of thermal tights, usually layered with leggins for warmth, a demin skirt, tank top, long-sleeve and one of three knit pullovers/cardis I deemed warm enough for the weather. (I think I'm a bit more sensitive to the cold this year, after having spent the first half of winter on the summery southern hemisphere...) It doesn't make for very exciting outfits, especially since I don't have very many weather-appropriate bottoms (except for a quickly refashioned=shortened&hemmed red skirt) and my me-made tops get covered up by heavier cardies.

Me-Made March, Day 1

Me-Made March, Day 2

Slightly more frivolous: Me-made petticoat and mask on March 3

I also think that while Self-Stitched September motivated me to sew some much-needed basics, like the lace tank top and knit tops, I could really do with a couple of more fun pieces. Frivolous dresses, after all, were the reason I took up sewing in the first place! And while fall seemed an alright time for the more somber and less exciting pieces of my wardrobe, spring is becking me with new and exciting garments that want to be sewn.

Me-Made March, Day 4

Me-Made March, Day 5

Which may be why I'm so totally in love with my new Crêpe. It's a dress! It's red! It's got polka dots! The neckline is so lovely! :) I think I could wear it and smile all day. (Which doesn't mean I don't think I can improve on it. While the muslin solved a couple of fitting issues, I still think that the bodice would be nicer on me if it was about an inch shorter, and I'd love to lower the neckline a little bit)... I think it may be the most beautiful and perfect thing I've ever sewn. The facings turned out lovely, even with the way they are curved. I pressed and pinked all seams religiously, used the correct weight interfacing, the hem turned out ok and there were no zippers to botch! And I made my first muslin, of course. I really do think I need to make a second Crêpe dress... :)

Me-Made March, Day 6 - in Portugal :)

What is your favorite piece that you have ever sewn?


  1. Your Crepe is soo cute! I think Colette Patterns are perfect for polka dot, I would make any of Sarai's designs in any dot combination. Is this Crepe your first colette pattern?

  2. Ditto on the crepe love -- yours looks great! Great fit. I love that you only have to make a muslin out of the bodice.

    My favorite piece? Man, that depends on the day. Like you, I get frustrated by the weather. I finished my lady grey coat, for example during the coldest part of winter in dec (I live in california, I know, wah wah -- but it was in the freezing temps!) and the wool was too lightweight to enjoy it (plus I had post-project burnout and all I could see was what was wrong with it). But now with more moderate temps and enough distance, I kind of love it! I'm torn between starting my Crepe or Rooibos next. :)

  3. Oh, boy! I have serious Crepe envy!! I love everything about it and it looks stunning on you. Mind if I copy? I must have one of my own. :)

    Your Me Made March outfits are great. I've been layered up to my eyeballs, too. It's really damp and chilly here. :( Enjoy Portugal!

  4. That is an absolutely gorgeous version of the Crepe dress. You look lovely in all your photos!

  5. Your crepe is lovely! I love red and the shape is wonderful on you!

  6. GORGEOUS!!! So, so beautiful. What a classic and yet totally modern dress. I'm sure women on the street were secretly eyeing you with envy ;-) [I know I would have!]

    I really like all your MMM outfit photos! Although I quite understand the frustration of feeling as though there isn't enough variety (I had the same problem with Me-Made-May last year) ... but I think you've rocked those looks quite well.

  7. Lovely dress, it fits you very well. I think red is your color :o)
    Where did you buy the pattern from?

  8. Wow, thanks for all your lovely comments! I didn't know that many people read my blog! <3

    @Marina: Yes, it's my first Colette. It won't be the last, though. I have also bought the Macaron pattern and I'd love to make the Ceylon sometime...

    @Ali: I recommend throwing a coin. ;) They are both so lovely!

    @Sarah: Feel free to copy. :) I think I may have to make another polka-dot version, too. Maybe in blue...

    @Sewing Princess: I bought the pattern at the Colette Pattern online store. International shipping is pretty expensive, though...

  9. hey hey hey! look who's on the colette blog! nice job! and super cute dress!