Friday, March 25, 2011

A little progress here and there

I had a pretty good week this week. The weather was rather balmy and sunny for this time of the year, I met friends almost every day and I made a bit of money... Which is always nice. :)

Concerning my resolution not to buy anything unneeded until Easter, I'm doing so-so. I did order two patterns from Colette (their Rooibos and Negroni patterns, which, incidentally, Ali is giving away this week so head over to her blog!) to take advantage of Sew Weekly's 15% off coupon and to save on shipping (my friend is bringing them for me from the US). I also stupidly broke my twin needle (by totally forgetting that I had my machine on zigzag before I started sewing with it) and had to get a new one, because if I don't hem my knit projects right away I won't ever do it (or at least not this year).

Apart from that, I have tried to keep myself out of the way of temptation. No window shopping, keeping out of malls and clothing stores and no browsing Amazon for cute new spring shoes... ;) That has been working rather well. I also found ways to get some things without spending money, like borrowing "The Wise Man's Fear" by Patrick Rothfuss (part 2 of probably the best Fantasy epic since Lord of the Rings) instead of buying it and getting a haircut from a friend who's a trainee hairdresser (which turned out really nice, though it did take 4 hours).

In Me-Made March news: yay for spring!

Day 20: me-made strawberry skirt, refashioned lacy cardi and unseen black lacy tank

Day 21: me-made polka-dot skirt and unseen black lacy tank (most worn garment ever! ;)

Day 22: me-made black knit top, unseen lacy tank and red button necklace

Day 23: unseen lacy black tank, stripey knit top and refashioned red skirt
(also, new haircut. :)

Day 24: me-made blue polka-dot skirt and unseen black lacy tank

Now I really have to go and finish my grass-green knit dress/top, so I have something new to wear... What are you currently working on?


  1. I love all of your outfits and your fancy new hairdo! :) I just finished a knit version of Butterick 7762. The top turned out well, but I confirmed that I really don't like sewing with knits. Wovens are my thing!

  2. :) Thanks Sarah! I actually rather like sewing with knits, although my machine can be terribly frustrating. But I like that most knit projects are usually rather quick and easy, no (commercial) pattern needed and no fiddly fitting... Although the sewing process is definitely much easier with wovens!

  3. I love your outfits! I'm trying to decide whether to start on a dress or not for a wedding party on saturday. Have a great week.