Sunday, March 20, 2011

More March-Days

I'm back home and feeling so-so with the weather. It was nice and warm last Sunday but back to a gloomy cold on Monday. Yesterday was the first day since Portugal that I got to see the sun - a whole glorious day of it! But today it's back to uniform clouds. I think I need to buy some pink tulips, they always cheer me up. :)

In sewing news, I'm almost finished with a boat-necked long sweater/jumper in my favorite shade of green. It has been very frustrating, I originally thought I could be done with it in a couple of hours but first I had fitting problems with the raglan sleeves, and now my machine seems to have started a mutiny. It really doesn't care for knits, none of the elastic stitches work very well and the twin needle that worked alright until now has made a mess of things now that I'm almost done. Hmpf. I do hope I can finish it tomorrow, I'd rather like a bit of fresh wind in my me-made wardrobe...

In Me-Made March news:
Day 12: refashioned red skirt and you can actually see the lacy black tank top... ;)
Day 13: didn't get a pic, I wore the blue polka dot skirt and lacy coral cardi, though

Day 14: grandma-knit socks and unseen lacy black tank top

Day 15: refashioned red skirt and lacy black tank

Day 18: unseen lacy black tank and me-made button jewelry (earrings and necklace)

Day 19: lacy tank top and newish black longsleeve. Also, while the T-shirt isn't exactly me-made, I did design the logo in front (for my drama group) so I think it gets to count, too! :)

I'm getting a bit fed up with my limited wardrobe options, again... I think I need more skirts. Since I found out that I don't have enough navy twill for my Spring Palette sailor pants, maybe a nautical inspired skirt might not be amiss...

What are your sewing plans for the week?


  1. Hi Alessa,

    great progress on the MMM! I am so bad at taking pictures and now cannot find the memory card of the second week :-(

    Now, the news: your rotary cutter nomination for Sewing Gadgetmania is finally uploaded on my blog - good luck with the LBD book giveaway!

  2. Oh no, losing a memory card is really frustrating... I've recently lost the little usb-gadget thingy I use to read the tiny memory stick in my cellphone, but fortunately I still have the cable to connect the phone directly to my computer...

    Oh, and thanks for using my nomination! Yay! :)