Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunny March Days

March 11
Portugal - or more exactly, the Algarve - is really a nice place for a spring holiday. The weather makes me happy, because even though we've had a little rain on most days, it's nice and warm from late morning until afternoon.

Warm enough to go without a coat, sometimes, and in the wind-shaded areas even warm enough to catch a little sun while wearing short-sleeves.

It is early enough that not many tourists are around, so the reddish yellow cliffs and the greenish blue sea form a quiet, beautiful contrast. I could walk the cliffs for hours and be blown through by the wind...

Even though most of my outfits are quite similar to what I wore last week, dressing every day has been so much more fun with the prospect of sunny, balmy weather outside.

Day 7: me-made striped longsleeve and lacy tank underneath

Day 8: me-made coffe-date ruffle top, lacy tank underneath and refashioned/shortened red skirt

Day 9: me-made strawberry skirt and lacy tank; also, my mom and sister :)

Day 10 : polka-dot Crêpe and new black longsleeve

Day 11: me-made blue polka-dot skirt, refashioned lacy cardi and lacy tank top

In other news, I've decided to give up shopping for lent. I'm not overly religious, nor am I Catholic, but I grew up in a bit of a Catholic environment and my family has always done some fasting/dieting/giving up for lent. Mostly for health reasons, like giving up sweets or meat or caffeine or alcohol - and spring is a good time for new resolutions. :) So, yes. I'm giving up shopping until Easter. Not grocery shopping, obviously, but "buying stuff". Clothes, shoes, trinkets, jewellery, fabric, notions, books... Anything I don't need.

Why? Well, I'm a bit of a thrifty person and don't like to spend huge amounts of money on things. But I'm a bargain hunter and it's really difficult for me to withstand a good deal. As you all probably know, lots of bargains accumulate and at the end of the month, my wallet is considerably lighter... Well, I've spent quite a big amount of money in the last six months on my journey around the world, both for travelling expenses and for the little things - trinkets, souvenirs, stuff I liked... (which reminds me that I still want to post pictures of all the lovely little treasures I found). Combined with the fact that I had to give up my tutor job for the time I was away, and they currently have no openings for me to start working with them again, I'm a bit low on available cash right now. Not dangerously so, since my parents are nice enough to cover my living expenses while I'm still studying. But there isn't going to be a lot of spending money until I find a new job.

This resolution is also partly inspired by some movements around the blogosphere, like Ali's Fashion on the Ration challenge, Sarah's Thrifty 356 and Zoe's thoughts about consumerism. I'd like to know if I can stand 40 days without buying stuff I'd like to have. And if I can manage not to buy it all up the minute I'm free to do so again... ;) What do you think about posting updates about my success? Like, posting a list of the things I have managed not to buy (yet), even though I wanted to? There are three things on the list already: Colette's Rooibos and Ceylon patterns (and I may give in on those, because of Sew Weekly's 15% off coupon for March and a friend that is going to spend some time in Boston, which could save me the International shipping cost...) and an invisible zipper foot.

I'll leave you with the treasures I managed to buy in Portugal before Ash Wednesday: the cutest rose-print leather laptop bag, three belts, a pair of earrings and some very nice, lacy blue tights.

Are you currently giving up anything, for lent or other reasons?

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  1. Great post! Portugal looks beautiful and all of your outfits are great. I love the layered Crepe!

    I'd love to see updates! Post away! :)