Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A cat in the hat

Oh look, a new blog design! I thought with summer almost here, I could use a bit of a cooler background. And polka dots! :) Also: 4th post within a week - hell must have frozen over, I've never been this prolific a writer before! Ah well, I'm sure we'll be back to two posts a month in a thrice... ;)

While I don't have any new me-mades as of yet (not even me-made paper mache me), I thought I'd do an outfit post for a change. After admiring tops and dresses with a crocheted lace yoke for a while (Jessica has some really cute ones, and there was the blue dress from a few weeks ago) I bought a new cardi yesterday. Isn't the color lovely? I usually don't do orange well, but this shade (salmon? coral? lox?) seems to work nicely.

(Sorry for the cellphone pic and huge head...) The cardi is RTW, from H&M. They have been my go-to store for all kinds of garments for years, although I've scaled back considerably since I've started sewing. Back when I was in high school, a good 90% of my wardrobe must have been H&M. Now, it's maybe a third (of my active wardrobe), with another third of me-mades and a third miscellanous like Esprit, Vero Moda and S.Oliver.

I've been a bit more socially and environmentally conscious since coming to the blogging world, so I do think about where my clothes come from, at least occasionally. I like that H&M has a non-child-labor policy, even paying for underage workers going back to school, and that they work with UNICEF (although some of that is surely for publicity reasons). I also like that they hopped onto the organic cotton bandwagon as early as 2004, and I just read that currently, about a third of the cotton they use is organic, with the aim at making it 50% by 2013. They still use sweatshop labor, of course, but all things considered, they seem to be one of the more socially conscious corporations out there. And I'm glad, because I consistently find garments there that I like, stlye, color and fiber-wise...

Sooo... guess what I also found at H&M yesterday, and had to buy because if this week's Sew Weekly challenge?

A hat!

A blue straw hat with a pin dot ribbon, to be exact.

I think a blue organza flower would make it even more pretty, but this red one works nicely, too...

I don't think I'll manage to make a matching outfit before the end of the week, even though my last Spring Palette garment would be a fitting choice. Ah well, we'll see.

I'll leave you with my newest favorite accessory, a necklace I refashioned for myself and my sister from a pair of earrings I bought in Wellington, NZ:

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