Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dear Diary...

Dear Diary,

I've been a bit of a bad girl today. After a lovely day featuring a workshop on web-developement by my boyfriend and a walk through the park (wearing a short-sleeved red dress! spring!), my BFF asked me to go shopping with her to pick out some office appropriate shoes and clothes and shoes for her sister's wedding. Since I haven't spent enough time with her in the last few weeks - she's working on her bachelor's thesis - I thought that was a fabulous idea and I was pretty sure that I could stick to my resolutions of not buying stuff. I don't really need any clothes right now and my thought was that if I saw something pretty, I could always use it as an inspiration to sew.

Well, I totally forgot that shoes might be a bigger vice for me than clothes. I tried to be really good and didn't buy the first four really cute pairs that I liked. Even though they were really cute. Look at those sandals with the fabulous cuffs!

The other ones I didn't buy were cute canvas wedge sandals with a little bow in front. My friend picked up the navy pair and I fell in love with the white ones. They looked lovely with the red dress I was wearing and were exactly the slightly vintage-looking style I'd been looking for for ages... Since I have been unable to find the exact pair on the web, I think I may have to go back tomorrow and buy them, anyway... They looked slightly like these and were only 25€...

The pair I did buy in the end - and I had to call my mother to talk me into doing rationalise it - was a pair of ridiculously comfy brown leather peep-toes. They were, of course, the most expensive of the lot, but 30% reduced for sale and I think the price (40€) was pretty good. They probably look good with almost everything, and I don't own a brown pair of shoes yet... ;)

After hunting for shoes for about two hours, we also entered a clothing store and my friend found a lovely coral sheath dress and matching striped blouse. Sadly, the color was a bit too pastel for my complexion but I saw two navy dresses that I might attempt to sew (or at least put into my inspiration folder for now). Following: crappy cellphone changing room pics, yay! ;)

Exhibit one: an airy navy linen dress with ruffle sleeves, a bow in the back and the cutest lace detail at the neckline. I wonder if one can just buy lace neckline details and if yes, where...?

Exhibit two: Empire waist sheath dress (hmm, is that a valid combination?) with cute pleats at the neckline and white waistline stitching details. (The waist was ridiculously narrow, though, and the box-pleated, almost tulip-y skirt made me look 6 months pregnant. Bleurgh.)

Also, I'm dreaming of making a jersey dress similar to the red one I thrifted in NZ, which I've been wearing today.
I especially love the fit of the skirt, which is a half-circle skirt starting at the waistline, I think. I'd want a round neckline and a straight waistband instead of the vaguely triangular one, though. And maybe little raglan cap-sleeves instead of the ruffled two-part ones. Also, I wonder if I can just self-line the bodice, enclosing all seam allowances, and make one of those almost-a-bra-elastic thingies... What do you think, do I need a pattern? Could I just franken-pattern it from existing garments I have? Questions upon questions... And I'd need to use a serger...

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  1. Oooh, new shoes! I love the blue wedges too!
    And if you would like some enabling, that airy navy linen dress, with the round neckline and the lace details is really adorable...