Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May No Jeans and Me Made June

So, the busy parts of life have taken hold of me again. There probably won't be a lot of sewing going on this week, because my days are a bit full with uni, and my stepdad is coming to Berlin tomorrow. He has a business appointment at the Baltic sea on Saturday and offered to take me with him, and I haven't been there for... over 10 years, I think, even though it's just a 3hr train ride from Berlin. So, I hope the weather is going to be nice, and I can have a walk along the beach and such. :)

I've also set a little challenge for myself for the month of May, since the me-made month this time around has been set for June. The occasion is me noticing that, even though the weather has been beautiful for a couple of weeks, and temperatures have definitely been skirt and dress worthy (at least up until the end of last week), 99% of the people I saw while biking and walking trough Berlin are wearing jeans. Ok, possibly 98% of women, another percent is wearing dress pants or leggins. Maybe one or two in about a hundred people I see wears skirts, and even less wear dresses - even though it's May already! Kinda depressing, isn't it?

That observation is certainly biased, since I don't regularly pass through all parts of Berlin, so I see mostly fellow students, tourists and the crowd that walks by my bike routes. Still, it has made me want to start a challenge for myself, and maybe some of you will want to join in. So, I've decided to not wear jeans for the entire month of May and wear lots of skirts and dresses instead!

Maybe it's silly to start this right in the month before Me-Made June. Maybe it's a silly challenge, because I have worn jeans on maybe four occasions in the last month (three of which were in chilly Hamburg), and one of my main reasons for sewing is producing cute, fun skirts and dresses to wear for myself - so it's not much of a challenge. I don't care. I might ask my non-sewing friends to join me in wearing more skirts and dresses, too. And maybe you'll want to join and make the month of May a little more colorful. :)

Also, there's Me-Made June. I'm a bit in two minds. After the end of MMMar, I had all those thoughts about the silliness and wastefulness of giving up on my existing, loved, RTW clothing. That still is what I think. On the other hand, for the first time since I've started sewing, I have the feeling that I could actually accomplish wearing only handmade outfits for an entire month. So. Still thinking about that, so I'll hold back my pledge for the time being. I'm definitely looking forward to participating... just thinking about how much. :)


  1. What a nice new look to your blog! Not wearing pants for me is a challenge..they are way to comfy. But I will try to think about it now...and report on the status at the end of May. I will love to see your report!

  2. Hm, I totally agree about the jeans! Actually, to be honest I wear pants now far more often just for work! Everybody there wears them, I feel like I should try to "conform" a couple times per week, as much as I love skirts myself.

    How are you finding the challenge so far?