Friday, April 1, 2011

The Rest of Me Made March

Me-Made March 2011 is over. I must say, it has been fun! Even though I wasn't quite enthousiastic in the beginning of the month, the vacation in Portugal and the arrival of spring afterwards have turned it around for me. I even got to wear my Crepe again this week! :)

Looking over my outfits throughout the month, I think I'm happy with most of them. Even though I've worn a few of them more than once, I haven't felt bored with my outfits (much), so I guess that's a success.

Breaking down which items have been worn how often is interesting. The most worn (and least seen) item is definitely my black lacy tank, worn almost every day, and I think I may need another couple of those, maybe in different colors.

The second most worn item - 7 times! - is my refashioned/shortened red skirt, which is funny because I bought that skirt maybe 5 years ago and haven't worn it more than a handful of times every year. A very successful refashion, I think, even though I only shortened and re-hemmed it... Also very successful were my two box-pleat skirts, Strawberry and PolkaDots with 4 wearings each (funny, feels like more...). I really love them and they will be a spring/summer staple, I think.

Oh look, a diagramm of how often I've worn my me-made garments this month! ;D

The colors are pretty ugly... ;)

I think I have learned something this month. I have thought about the possibility of trying to do go without RTW garments the next time this challenge rolls around. You know, *challenging* myself and all. But, I already have a pretty big wardrobe of RTW garments, some of which I really love. I own, for example, 4 denim skirts (two of which, admittedly, I need to shorten and maybe do some more refashioning with). I think it would be rather silly and wasteful to sew another one instead of wearing the ones I already have, and the same goes for quite a few other garment types (although I think it may not be possible to own too many cute skirts and sundresses. Not at my rate of sewing, at least... ;)

So... I think there may be a bit more sewing of fun pieces like the aforementioned skirts and dresses, interspersed with some basics (to replace any of my RTW basics or garments that wear out).

On with the show then:

Day 26: refashioned red skirt and brand new refashioned cardi (which used to be a pullover)

No pics for Days 27 and 28. I came down with a bit of a bug and never left the house, I did wear grandma-knit socks and the black longsleeve, though.

Day 29: red skirt, unseen black tank. Does it get a bit repetitive?

Day 30: Yay! Sun! Warmth! A stroll in the park! And lovely Crêpe. :)

Last day of March and I almost forgot to take a picture... ;) Strawberry skirt and lacy black tank.

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  1. Love your graph! Such a fun idea!

    I know what you mean about RTW clothes that you already own, I have it like that with jeans. I have many great pairs of jeans (including one refashioned pair), and it would be silly and wasteful, as you say, to make my own "just to have" a pair that I´d made.

    Love your handmade´s!