Friday, April 29, 2011

Things I like 2

A couple of cute tutorials I've recently come across:

Scallop-edged reversible skirt by Megan Nielson:
I've been a sucker for scallop edges for a while now, although I haven't managed to sew anything with scallops yet. This cute project might just as well change that...

Crochet Collar pattern by The Ongoing Project: I've hat a bit of a look around for crocheted lace collars and yokes, and look at this beautiful one! The color!

T-shirt to wrap-dress refashion by Tenth Muse Studios: Wrap dresses are awesome, and all one needs for this one are two oversized T-shirts. It looks so cute and comfy!

Have a lovely May Day weekend, everyone!


  1. i saw the meg's tutorial too and wanted to try it! love the scalloped hems:)


  2. That is a gorgeous, gorgeous crocheted collar! You are making me itch to have another go at incorporating crocheted collars into my refashions/clothing ;-). thanks for sharing the link!