Thursday, April 21, 2011

the week of finishing things

Hi everybody! Happy almost-Easter!
I've actually been productive for the past week, possibly because the weather has turned into an almost-summery, sunny spring full of flowers, which makes me really happy. I've been wearing summery dresses and skirts, even without tights in the past couple of days! Also, Uni has started again and I've taken my bike out of the basement and am biking to class almost every day, which also makes me happy. Have I mentioned that late spring / early summer are my favorite seasons? :)

I do mean that I've been productive sewing-wise, too. I mended the tear in the armhole on my Crêpe dress and found out that the one on the other side also showed some wear and tear. The tears coincide with my (rather deep) notches, so I guess the problem is partly my prone-to-tearing cotton fabric and partly my deep notching. I've repaired both sides with a double row of stitching and the tear with a little dart that's almost invisible. I guess for next time I know to reinforce my armholes with a bit of sturdier interfacing, too, and not just the facings...

I also finished the hem of a circle skirt I started in the week before I went to Hamburg. It's made from the Elvis fabric I bought while visiting my friend in Kentucky and I like the summery green almost-polka-dot print. :) It's a true circle skirt, made without any side seams, and the fabric is a bit stiff, which means it drapes kind of strangely.

I think a petticoat will take care of the problem, but the one I have (my very first self-stitched garment) is a bit too huge and heavy for it (I used a rather dense petticoat-tulle and it weighs over 600g!). I've been meaning to disassemble it to make a couple of new ones, maybe with the addition of a more light-weight tulle. The construction is kind of strange, anyway, because I followed a tutorial to make it layered instead of just gathered. The lowest tier has 6 layers, the middle one 3 and the top one 1 layer...

Finished item no. 3 is a refashioned skirt that my friend brought over for me a couple of weeks ago, because she didn't like the style anymore. The hem and side seams were already overlocked and look pretty much RTW but the waistband was just folded over twice and held in place with pins. She didn't mention what it used to be, but I guess it's the bottom part of a little jersey dress...? Anyway, I stitched the waistband in place with a zigzag stitch and inserted a 1/2 inch elastic. I really like the skirt, the print reminds me of cherry blossoms and it works well for cycling. I'm glad the pink doesn't clash with my coral top too much, because it may be the only matching top I have save for black ones...

Right now I'm finally working on my self-drafted sailor trousers again - yes, the navy linen ones that I think first appeared on my Summer Essential Sew-along list last year! I've decided on finishing them for my Spring Palette and aside from some problems with the pockets (which occured because I wasn't thinking, yay me) and the little point that I didn't think about how I wanted to close them and so forgot to add a placket for buttons or a zipper, they're coming along nicely. Just one sideseam and a button placket and a waistband to add!

(They won't work as a wearable muslin, though, because I smartly already finished every seam using French seams... Ah well, they may stay slightly ill-fitting, I'm not ripping any more seams on that pair of trousers!)

I'll leave you with some actual cherry blossoms, photographed during my week-end in Hamburg. Have a wonderful week-end everyone, and happy Easter (or Passover, as it may be) holidays!


  1. Wow! You've been very productive! Love both skirts you've made (Elvis! Yay!). I saw on my blog you're looking for a good shirtwaist pattern. I have Simplicity 5752

    and Butterick 6104

    I'd be happy to send them to you, if you like either one. Just email me at rhinestonesandtelephones AAT gmail DOT com.

  2. Wow, you'd really do that, send me a pattern just like that? That's very generous!
    I'm not quite sure if I'm worthy of the honor, I've only ever sewn with three patterns and none of those were vintage... That said, both patterns are really cute. I love the scallop detail on the Butterick and I really like your new and improved Poppy dress! If you really want to send me a pattern, I'd chose the Simplicity one, though. I've been envisioning my fabric as a dress with the blue version's collar, and I really like the pockets of the plaid version...

    So yes, if you really don't need the pattern anymore, I'd be honored to have it, and cherish it, and make a dress in orange-yellow-pink plaid with it. And possibly one in blue. :)

  3. Two great skirts that should be lovely for warmer weather! In the photo, at least, the circle skirt doesn't look like it drapes funny =), but I know how these things can change between 2D and 3D ...