Thursday, May 19, 2011


Happy Thursday, everyone! After a rather cool-ish week, summer is showing its pretty face around Berlin again (does this introduction seem familiar to you? It seems I've been rather preoccupied with the weather, these last couple of weeks...) and today I have time! No uni!

So what has been going on around here? 1. My boyfriend has splurged on a new coffee machine after our old one (a hand-me-down from my parents) died and now we're the proud owner of a Cappucchino-and-Latte-Macchiato-producing Nespresso machine! Needless to say, my usually almost none-existant coffee consumption has gone through the roof... :)

2. I've been meaning to show you the fabrics I bought at the fabric market a couple of weeks ago. Here they are:

I've already cut into the lovely green jersey with the aim of making a wrap dress. It's almost finished (apart from the sleeves, ties and hem) and although I'm not quite in love with the fit (serves me right for copying it off a wrap top with a much thinner, drapey-er jersey), I think it might be pretty awesome when it's finished...

3. I hosted a garment swap event with my friends last weekend and even though lots of people had to cancel last minute, I got rid of a few garments and scored a few cute tops and an awesome black jersey shrug I've already been wearing tons of times! I think I'm going to schedule another one for next month, so the peope who couldn't come get another chance at swapping.

4. I had the loveliest day yesterday, with two coffee dates with good friends and a nice afternoon babysitting the world's cutest one-year-old (she's really due for a cute summer dress, curtsey of me and my sewing machine... soon.) and went by a thrift store on a whim. Look what I bought:

Huge plaid men's shirt, to be refashioned into a sundress along the lines of Suzannah's (who, by the way, has tons of cool refashion and tutorials). That one has been on my "stuff I'd really like to try"-list for ages and I'm glad I finally found a none-too-expensive shirt I liked to work with.

Very aweful, frilly, musty-smelling, navy polka-dot dress. It really does look aweful, but the fabric is so pretty! I think it does have the potential to become a very cute summer dress...

Last but not least, two very soft cotton half slips with eyelet hems. I probably won't wear them as they are, but I have a couple of summer dresses on my to-sew list that will definitely need a skirt lining, and those will easily do the trick.

I might take off the eyelet and hem the fashion fabric with it, though... :)

Ok, anything else I've forgotten...? Oh, just that I've been asked by Ali to join her and Sarah in a yet-to-be-announced super cool project! :D So looking forward to that, details forthcoming...

Have a lovely almost-weekend, everyone!


  1. What great finds!! I'm looking forward to seeing how the plaid shirt transformation comes out. :) I love the green wrap dress - it's beautiful!

  2. you are truly a polka dotted girl!!!! just for fun, i decided to scroll down le page and count the polka dots. with no repeats, i come to a grand total of 15 polka dotted garments/sketches/accessories. IMPRESSIVE.

    and be careful of the nespresso machine. it makes it so easy....

  3. @Sarah: Thanks! I have great hopes for both and hope they'll turn out alright.

    @Oona: 15?!? My obsession must be worse than I tought... :D

  4. Whoa it really looks like you have been busy! I am also addicted to Nespresso (and George!). Love the idea for the green dress...I was actually debating whether it would be too much to make a green dress, but seeing yours it seems perfect!

  5. Hooray for the green dress! I won similar fabric in the Sewing Princess giveaway and I have been wringing my hands over what to make with it because it's so gorgeous. A can't wait to see yours on!

    You know I've been dying to make a Burda 7494 with polka dot fabric like that (it's like the pattern photo, I'm not very original). If it entices you, I can see if I still have an electronic copy of the pattern and can send it over to you :)

  6. Love your finds, and your green dress is coming along really nicely! Love it.

  7. @Sewingprincess: Well, green is one of my (half dozen) favorite colors. I even have a second bright green dress on my to-finish pile...

    @Ali: Thanks! Yes, I know you won the fabric, and I actually thought of that when I bought mine. *g* That pattern looks seriously cute, I love the collar! I was thinking along the lines of this one, which a friend of mine just bought:

    @Sølvi: :)

  8. You have some wonderful op-shop finds there! And I think the green dress looks very promising, gorgeous colour, and who doesn't love a wrap dress?! Very nice...