Friday, May 27, 2011

Me-Made June & Summer Essentials Plans

Even though June is almost here, I somehow still haven't managed to sign up for the me-made month. I thought a bit about the pledge and have decided to change mine a bit from the last two. In summer, numbers of garments seem a bit silly to me because I often just throw on a dress. So:

I, Alessa of sign up as a participant of Me-Made June '11. I endeavor to wear at least one me-made or refashioned piece of clothing every day for the month of June, but preferably a whole outfit, including me-made jewellery and accessories.

With that out of the way, I'd like to talk about my plans for this year's Summer Essentials Sew-along. The goal is to sew five(-ish) garments by August, which does seem entirely managable, and personally, I'd like to aim at about one item a week. Looking at my entire unpredictable-ness when it comes to when and what I want to sew, though, I've decided to make a list of all the summer things I'd like to sew and then pick something, whenever the urge hits me... So, here we go:

1. The Sundress: This is the first item on my list because I love wearing dresses in summer - it's so easy to just throw them on! Ideally, I have three to four dresses I want to make, two in knits from my stash, one similar to Colette's Chantilly in an IKEA rose print and one is a leftover from last year's Summer Essentials: a flowy dress in a white embroidered cotton. Bonus items would be a blue gingham Crepe, a Strawberry Macaron and the Colette Spring Palette leftover, a blue polka dot dress with a white yoke.

2. Sweet & Sassy Skirts: With all those cute dresses, skirts are a bit lower in my priority, but I have a very cute white cotton fabric with black and transparent polka dots, that wants to be a full skirt. I'm also thinking about a quick box pleated skirt in a blue border print (tutorial, anyone?). My bonus item is a sailor skirt in a navy twill, possibly with gold buttons.

3. Tees, Tunics & Blouses: The most important items on this list are a navy&white striped tee and a couple of babydoll tops in fabrics from my stash: a red flowery cotton voile(?) and a black eyelet, and possibly the colorful brownish print from my last fabric market excursion. Bonus items include peasant and halterneck blouses in navy polka dot, black cherry print, magenta cotton and white eyelet, as seen in my sketches, and a flowy beach tunic in transparent teal rose print fabric.

4. Clamdiggers & Co: I'm not all that much of a shorts person, but once I manage finishing last year's Summer Essential navy linen trousers, which still lack a waistband, I may try my luck with another pair, in black or white.

5. Those Summer Nights: Again, this isn't a priority, since Summer In The City usually doesn't turn all that cool, even at night, but I'm thinking about a knit cardi wrap in black and/or teal, and/or possibly a shrug? Tanit-Isis just posted a cute 50s shrug pattern...

6. Poolside Pretties: Another non-priority fun item, since I already own two nice enough bikinis, but I have some cute blue and white print bathing suit lycra, which may become a bikini and coordinating beach skirt.

7. Accessorize Me!: An awesome category! I'm thinking maybe a tote bag or purse, possibly some more button jewellery, maybe a fabric necklace and/or some (crafted, not sewn) bangles...?

8. Additionals/Me-Made June items: I thought I might try my hand at some undies (yay for elastic lace!) and some summery sleepwear...

How are your plans coming along?


  1. Wow, great job! Looks like you got a good plan. I am still a bit short on things to wear for MMJune, mostly because I have only been sewing since Nov. I love that you wear dresses in summer! The crepe is lovely on you!

  2. Great plans! And kudos for doing the MMJune! I'm hoping to work in enough basics and separates this summer to do a me made month in the fall! :)

  3. Can I tell you both that I started into Self-Stitched September with pretty much only the clothes I sewed for Summer Essentials (one skirt, two blouses, a longsleeve, a tanktop and a babydoll top) plus one dress I'd sewn before? I added three skirts and two tops during September, and it did indeed see me through the month (with lots of repetitions, of course... ;) So don't be afraid, I'm sure you'll manage and it'll be fun!

  4. Sounds like a great line-up!

  5. Hello Alessa
    I have enjoyed catching up on your postings. And I am looking forward to seeing your Me Made June and summer essentials. I was inspired by your scallop hem links to make a scallop hem myself yesterday. I will post it soon, just need to upload my pictures. It is from an ikea rose print, I wonder if it is the same fabric you have mentioned in your dress plans? Hope you having a good weekend. xx

  6. You have some wonderful plans! I look forward to seeing your new creations...

  7. Thanks, you three! We'll see how it goes!
    @Minnado: Yay, scallop hem! I may have to make one myself, they are so cute!