Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ice-cream or Sorbetto?

After writing down that title, I first had to go and get a popsicle - we're just having a couple of nice, hot& sunny days in Berlin!

I'm sure you've seen the free Sorbetto Top pattern download over at Colette Patterns, since it has been out for a month already. I think it's great that Colette has such cute patterns as actual free downloads! Anyway, when I first saw it, I was sure that it wouldn't be very flattering for my figure, since it's only shaped by a pair of small-ish bust darts. After seeing Karen's cute flowery version and the 3 (three!) lovely blouses that Miss P made (one of them striped and another with polka dots, so pretty!), I decided to reconsider.

This was my first home-printed pattern, but the assembling happily went without problems. The pattern instructions were wonderful, as I've come to expect from Colette, and the actual sewing was rather quick, with the most time taken up by pinning and sewing on the bias trim. The fit wasn't wonderful on me, as I expected, but after a few tweaks I'm really happy with the blouse!

As I was between sizes, I decided to err on the side of caution and cut out a size 10. I probably should have chosen the smaller size, especially since my cotton fabric had a bit of an elasthane content. I had to make the bust darts a wee bit bigger and also added underbust darts that, in the end, went straight all the way down to the hem. It looks a bit princess-seamed now, but I think that maybe next time, I can just make the bust dart even bigger and take in the side seams? (The tutorial on "Pivoting a Dart" I read over at Gertie's some time ago seems to suggest that it might work, but I don't have enough experience to know if it'll add drag lines...)

Since the back is entirely unshaped and looked very blousy and boxy on me, I decided to add a little channel with some elastic on the inside, and I like how the ruffles add a little interest to the backside and shape my waist a bit more. It's still a bit blousy (blousier than my ubiquitous knit tops, anyway) but it works well with my denim skirt and I think it'll look really nice with a pair of white jeans, once it's a wee bit cooler (and no longer Me-Made June).

I actually went all couture-y on the inside: French seams everywhere and I threaded the thread-ends of my darts into the dart, as explained by Miss P. I feel quite accomplished now... :D

This is, by the way, also my outfit for today, MMJ Day 28: me-made polka dot Sorbetto, refashioned denim skirt and (unseen) black lacy shorts. Also, top no. 3 in the Summer Essentials Sew-along!

I'm thinking of adapting the pattern into one I can use as a bodice block, and then maybe make a blouse similar to Ali's super-cute black peter pan-collared blouse. Then again, there are still lots of other tops, skirts and dresses on my to-sew list for summer. Hmmm...

Talking of Ali, there is currently a pretty awesome giveaway going on at The Wardrobe, Reimagined! She's giving away one of two very cute Collarettes by rococonouveau, so head over to her blog and comment, the giveaway is still good until July 4th!


  1. I love it! What a great job! I'm going to shir the back of mine to have it fit me better. :)

  2. Oh, I really like how this turned out and how it looks on you. I wish I could see a close up of the elastic bit at the back... I always have issues with the back of my tops being too bulky. This top looks great on you.

  3. Thanks Sarah! Shirring also is a good idea!

    @Stitch Parade: I'll try and get a photo of it soon. It's basically a strip of fabric that I sewed on the left side of the fabric in the back, about waist-high, to create a little fabric tunnel. Then I threaded a piece of elastic into it (about half as long as the tunnel), and stitched it in place on both ends. Does that make sense?

  4. Cute! I've been wanting to make a sorbetto but I'm pretty curvy and I was worried about the shape. Yours turned out great though so I may have to give it a go!

  5. I love it. I have downloaded a sorbetto but have to make myself finish some other stuff before making it. Also have no suitable fabric; I like the elastic idea too. The buttons make a sweet finishing touch.

  6. Beautuful i just download it And cut. Your tank is Very beautiful. Bye

  7. It's so lovely - and it matches your blog! Hee hee.
    Love the white bias binding and the buttons. I really need to get in on this sorbetto action too - so many gorgeous versions out there!

  8. this is so so cute. I love the changes you made to the pattern! and like Suzie said, it matches your blog ;O)

  9. Hey ALessa
    Just popped over from your query on the draftalong post.
    Firstly, GREAT Sorbetto!
    Secondly, on the subject of sizing, I think you are right about cutting a different size to begin with. You can go by your upper chest measurement (explained in the measurements post of the draftalong)and carry out an FBA ...OR...because the Sorbetto patter has the finished garment measurements included you could do what I did and use these as a guide to select your size. (As explained in my Sorbetto post).
    With regards to bust darts, from what I can make out in your photos, you would ideally need to lower yours. Sarai stated in a forum comment that the Sorbetto is based on a C cup so if you anyone of a larger cup size will inevitably have to widen the dart too.
    Beyond that the blousiness under he bust is kinda part of the style.But if you wanted to adapt the pattern to be more fitted (as your finalgorgeous sorbetto is) then you could pinch out the waistline tucks from the pattern itself. I'll be covering this process in a draftalong post shortly as I think I'll need to do it at the neckline on my toile.
    Does that answer anything?

  10. @Stephanie: I did have a few fitting issues to make the pattern less blousy on me. You may want to follow Miss P's top draftalong, as she said she'd cover a way that doesn't need the vertical darts under the bust...

    @everyone: Thanks for the compliments! And yes, it does match my blog... *huge grin*

    @Miss P: Thanks so much for that informative answer! I'll stay posted for your draftalong posts! :D