Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Last Days of MMJ

So, today was the last day of Me Made June. I have to say, my outfit-fatigue is way less than after Me Made March. Probably partly due to the more summery weather, which makes me happier to get dressed, but also partly due to me having to go outside almost every day and the fact that at least now, by the end of the month, I have way more weather appropriate clothes. Even though I was pretty busy with uni and social life, I managed to make/finish/refashion nine garments (3 new tops, 2 dresses, and 4 bottoms: 1 skirt, 1 pair of trousers 1 pair of (under-)shorts and 1 pair of leggins) during the month of June, which I think must be some kind of record for me. :) We'll see how well I can keep that up for the rest of the Summer Essentials Sew Along...

While I am getting fed up with taking daily pictures, I do love my me-made summer clothes, and I have enjoyed the oportunity of wearing them daily and showing them off. And while I didn't manage to go all me-made every day, I feel that my outfits were way less boring than during the last two challenges. That's something that makes me happy, too. :)

So, before I show you the rest of my outfits for this month, let me tell you about the idea I'm shamelessly stealing from "Cat und Kascha", one of the very few German sewing blogs I read. She has been doing Me-Made Mittwochs (=Wednesdays) since March after doing a Me-Made February, and I think the idea is great! I'm still deciding between joining the group (although they are on summer break in July and August) or, for alliteration's sake, start my own, personal Me-Made Monday. I think I'd like doing one outfit post a week. I can show off whatever I'm making, or old favorites or whatever, and also do at least one totally me-made outfit a week, while combining me-mades with RTW for the rest of the time. Seems like the perfect compromise to me. :)

So, after all this rambling, on with the game!

MMJ Day 25: me-made Elvis skirt, leggins and teal knit top

MMJ Day 26: Me-made linen trousers, lacy black tank top and refashioned cardi

MMJ Day 27: Me-made stripey tee and polka dot skirt

MMJ Day 28: see last post (me-made linen trousers & Sorbetto top)

MMJ Day 29: me-made polka dot Sorbetto, refashioned red skirt & (unseen) lacy shorts

MMJ Day 30: me-made linen trousers & teal knit top (plus favorite green RTW summer coat and windy/humid hair... ;)

I thought I would be able to end MMJ with a bang (or at least some more summery clothing) but the weather had other plans. Apparently, it's wintery Perth temperatures (~18°C after about 28°C yesterday) and I was feeling pretty cold even with the coat. At least it was green... :) I also had the best class of the whole semester today (music therapy, I got to play a hand-carved harp, it was great plus the teacher gave us apple tart!), so it was a very satisfying day, whatever the weather...

I hope you have a nice weekend! I'll have to clean and tidy my little apartment in preparation for my birthday party next Wednesday, and there's also my birthday dress that I still have to make. I got some nice black Satin for that! I'd also really like to make/draft a shirt dress with the blue plaid fabric I got at IKEA today, together with some fabric for a purse/tote bag or two and/or a skirt (there was a gift card involved...). Also, there's revision... *g*


  1. You did well! Congratulations on completing the challenge in style!
    I agree, taking outfit photos is gruelling if you have to do every day, but once in a while is OK. I will probably get back to it again too, 'cos it can be fun to play in your wardrobe :)

  2. I like your outfits and find it hard to choose a favourite! I also agree the daily outfit shot is a slog. Good luck with the party preparations and the revision too. Teachers who hand out apple tart sound good.

  3. @Carolyn: I agree, I love playing dress-up with my wardrobe... :D

    @Minnado: Teachers who hand out apple tart are wonderful. It was really good, too, I will need to try and make some myself soon... :)

  4. Perhaps it's Wednesday already in Berlin so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great Me-Made-June & Summer Essentials!

  5. @Ali: Got it right in one! :) Thank you!