Saturday, June 4, 2011

MMJ Day 1-4 & first Summer Essentials

Ah, Me-made June, my first real summer month of wearing me-mades. I might have had a look at my closet before the month started, but I didn't, I thought I was reasonably well prepared. As it turns out, my me-made summer tops don't really coordinate with my me-made bottoms, since at the time I was doing summer sewing last year, I never even thought about wearing a whole me-made outfit! So I guess there will be a bit of closing-the-gap around here during Summer Essentials. :)

MMJ Day1: Me-made skirt and tank top, refashioned cardi

With that in mind, I did start my first Summer Essential - a teal knit top - on June 1, but I didn't get around to finishing it until tonight. I also finished my green wrap dress!

MMJ Day 2: New green wrap dress, me-made tank top
(it does look kinda flattering like that)

I do think I'm in love with the style (the tulip shaped skirt reminds me of the little pink ballerina skirt I got to wear for ballet class, back when I was about 6 or 7) although this version still has some problems (which is probably due to my prospensity to "wing it" and to franken-pattern garments without actual patterns, just vague ideas and a mix of similar shaped garments...) The knit is a bit too stiff for the style and doesn't drape well enough. I think that's the biggest problem, especially as the skirt is in essence a half-circle, which in this fabric doesn't swish, it just makes me feel like a bit of a square...

(not quite as flattering, no?)

I've been thinking about a solution and thought I might take the sides of the skirt in to form more of an A-line, to get a slightly slimmer shape. Do you think this would work, or would it interfere with the line of the dress? I'm also putting the waistline at least an inch higher in the next iteration, and maybe lengthen the skirt a litte. A black version would definitely be nice, and maybe one in teal, although my teal knit is a bit flimsy...

MMJ Day 03: Me-made strawberry skirt, leggins and tank top

I'm not sure if I said, but I also finished a pair of leggins, since mine usually don't hold up longer than one season. Stupid thigh seams... I made these without side seams, just inner leg and crotch seams, and it worked out pretty well. :) They still aren't hemmed though. My machine doesn't have a holder for a second thread spool, so it's difficult to do twin-needle hems...

MMJ Day 04: Me-made leggins (and my favorite non-me-made dress...)

Today's outfit wasn't very me-made, just the leggins. I have an excuse, though: we had drama group rehersal in a stiflingly hot room, which I knew I wanted to be comfy for, but I also had a date for Falafel with a friend. So I wanted to be comfy and good-looking. (And I love this dress!) I definitely need to make more summery knit dresses...

I also went by the fabric market and got two very cute cotton fabrics: some blue-on-white paisly and middle-blue polka-dots! Also, a metre of red jersey and a bit of crocheted lace I had in mind for a refashion... The Turkish youth who sold me the polka-dot fabric was a bit confused and gave me 4m instead of 2.5, which I only realized at home. :) Yay, more polka dots!

Have a lovely, summery Sunday, everyone!


  1. See? You're already rocking the knits! I like the way your green wrap dress came out and unfortunately have no advice. But for a stiffer knit, I think the A-line-ness would definitely help. :)

  2. these are all very pretty. Isn't it fun to make your own clothing. Filling in your gaps will be so helpful in the morning. Good luck, you look beautiful!

  3. You look very pretty in all thse outfits! I like the green knit dress. Maybe you could baste the side seams and test it out with a more A line shape?

  4. Thanks for your comments and compliments, you three!
    I tackled the "offending" dress today and it does look much more flattering with the A-line. Sadly, it also looks a bit less playful, but it's certainly a keeper! It'll be sure to pop up in an outfit post, during the next couple of days!

    @Ali: I guess I am very much a knit girl... :)
    @Vintage Girl: I definitely love making my own clothing. :)
    @Minnado: Thanks for the advice, I didn't even think of that! I basted first and it did indeed look better. :)

  5. Your three outfits are all quite lovely! And yay! for me-made leggings! I make mine without a side seam too, just one up each inner leg.

  6. I see that your skirt/dress challenge is holding up quite well. Nice work. What's the building behind you in the picture with the green dress? Looks cool.

  7. :)
    @Sewing Princess: Well, that's what happens when you don't own any me-made trousers... yet. ;) The building is the Kanzleramt/chancellor's bureau, where Ms. Merkel works.