Sunday, June 19, 2011

MMJ Day 15-19, new top & fabrics

Hi everybody, I hope you had a good weekend! Mine was so-so, I had to spend Friday in bed with fever and a cold, but Saturday was alright (drama group rehersal and coffee with my father's family and movies in bed afterwards) and today I'm actually fine again, I visited the Holland fabric market in Potsdam with my good friend Annika, who just finished her Bachelor's thesis (yay!) and is starting out on garment sewing as a celebration! We also had a pretty awesome choir rehersal for Tuesday's concert. We sing everything from Gospel to Lady Gaga, and that always gives me lots of energy for the coming week. :)

(Gingham fabric for another Crepe dress, polka-dot jersey for a top, cute ice-cream fabric and pink polka dots for a little sundress for my friend's one-year-old)

I feel a bit bad that it's mostly MMJ updates over here right now. I had been meaning to blog more about my sewing process and inspirations and do some tutorials and the like, but at the moment I'm a bit all over the place in my life. Lots to do for uni, with only three weeks to go until exam time (although I honestly haven't started revising yet...), choir and drama rehersals and the demands of my social life (I seem to be quite the social butterfly nowadays ;). It really is all fun and games, and it's not super-stressful, and I like having stuff to do loads more than having nothing to do at all, so yeah, this is not a complaint. More of a "I'm really sorry if you feel bored with my blogging". Which I actually hope you don't. Do you? Anyway, I guess I should stop babbling. Just about now. Right? Right. On with the show.

MMJ Day 15: refashioned jersey dress. I really like it, and it's more flattering without the shorts...

MMJ Day 16: First time wearing my Crepe this month! I think it's because I see it more as a "special" dress, not for every day. I'm also not sure if it withstands biking very well...

MMJ Day 17: Spent sick in bed all day. No pics, no me-mades.

MMJ Day 18: Me-made Elvis circle skirt. All matching tops were in the wash and the petticoat is loaned out, but I really like this outfit. :) Also, see how my hair curls when it's humid...

MMJ Day 19: Oh look, almost a MMMarch outfit! ;) Refashioned red skirt and newly made striped T-shirt.

I really do have a gap of me-made short-sleeved tops in my wardrobe, but there are some more T-shirts in planning. This one was finished today, it's almost exactly like its long-sleeved twin but I plan to embellish it with a couple of gold buttons. I guess it's my second Summer Essential in the "top" category. :) I also have some blouses on my to-sew list, but I'm in two minds about them. I almost never wear blouses - mostly, because they usually crincle and I'm too lazy to iron them. Also, jersey shirts are more comfy. Ane I don't have any patterns for fitted blouses. Although I should look through my handful of Burdastyle magazines...

I've also found a promising candidate for my 20s birthday party dress at the Vintage Pattern Wiki:

It's probably easy enough to do it with measurements instead of a real pattern, and I'm thinking of making it up as a separate top and skirt. I'm not very likely to wear a Flapper dress again, except for at another costume party, but a slinky black skirt with a cute top, or a tunic/top-thingy with leggins of skinny jeans sound like they could be wardrobe staples - or at least be worn occasionally. What do you think? I also bought a feather boa, and I'm still planning on doing a headband...


  1. you are the Polka Dot High Priestess.

    i like seeing your outfits! i think it's summertime that makes us feel like our blogs are boring. i feel the same way on mine :)

  2. I love your MMJ posts! You have great taste and style. Happy to see that you are making another Crepe!

    Thank you so much for your 'dress-up shopping' tip! It is the best advice I've ever received and I look forward to getting started!!!!

  3. Forgot to add that we should have a dress-up shopping on-line party!! Go out, dress up, post your pics and discuss!!

  4. Not at all boring! And I like the fabric with the ice creams - I bought something quite similar and am using it in a quilt at the moment. Pics on my blog soon I hope!

  5. What fun fabrics! And how about that flapper dress! Oh, what fun :)

  6. Cute outfits and gorgeous new fabrics!
    I know what you mean about the me-made months... getting sucked into the daily photographs like a vortex and one feels too drained by that to want to write about anything else! but no need to apologise. Your blog is for your enjoyment, so you can write about whatever you want!

  7. Thanks for your reassurances. :) It's true, this blog is for my enjoyment, but part of that enjoyment is that there are actually other people out there, reading it. I'm not writing for the ether. That is kind of a cool thought... :)

  8. NO, your posts are not boring. I know what you mean though as with MMJ it feels like all we post about is outfits.
    Your fabric collection looks really lovely. I am intrigued to see the flapper dress when finished. Making separates sounds like a very good idea. Thank you for the comments you left me. I agree that i too am a nosy person and like the little glimpses I get of others' lives in the Me made months.

  9. I love the MMJ posts! I feel like I'm snooping through other people's closets! Also, your Crepe dress is ADORABLE-- can't wait to see your next one with the black polka dots!!

  10. @Minnado: :) Thanks! I bought some black satin for the flapper dress yesterday, and looking at the frock, I think it may actually be intentioned as a pair of separates. We'll see how I fare with my ideas...

    @gingermakes: :) I'm glad you like my posts and the Crêpe dress. I really need to go and pre-wash the fabric for my new one...