Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MMJ Day 5-8 and knit garments

Do you know those days when you don't want to get up despite having had 8h of sleep, and you'd rather spend the whole day on the couch in your jammies, watching tv or reading a good book? When colleagues walking by stop after their "good morning" and ask if they can bring you a coffee? When even three cups later, you're still not quite sure if you're in the mood to deal with your day? My day began like that and even now, 9h later I'm still thinking of falling back into bed. Instead of jammies and a good book, I told lots of very loud pre-schoolers about healthy eating, then I had a class of "forensic medicine" - not my cup of tea even on a good day. But I'm not complaining. I'm just tired (as evidenced by my crazy look on today's outfit photo).

MMJ Day 08: me-made green wrap dress (now ironed and A-lined!), lacy tank and (unseen) shorts, also: me-made earrings

Accessorize me! :) new me-made fabric-covered button earrings

(Actually, I've had a nap just now and I'm feeling loads better. I guess some days just are like that...) If we're going by face, I must have been a bit tired yesterday, too...

MMJ Day 07: me-made boatneck top and refashioned denim skirt

In that photo you can see my first official Summer Essential, a teal knit top vaguely based on one of my favorite garments, a green boatnecked long-sleeve. The fabric is a little flimsy, but I like how it turned out. The neckline is just a folded-over strip of fabric that encompasses the seam allowances. The skirt is newly refashioned, the hem used to end a couple of inches below the knee but it seems I prefer my skirts shorter, recently. Instead of just hacking off the hem and making a new one (which always looks a bit suspicious with denim, I think), I saved the old one and attached it with a bit of crocheted lace.

The lace is topstitched onto the denim with white thread. It didn't turn out quite perfect, as the denim was a bit stretchy, but I like the look and I've already gotten a compliment for it. :)

In stark contrast to today, Monday was pretty awesome: it started out with Pilates class, followed by a dip in the lake, Pediatrics class (I adore children), problem-based learning group and an exhilerating half hour of cycling home through the warm summer rain/thunderstorm in just my bikini (well, I didn't have an umbrella with me, and I didn't particularly want to ruin my me-made clothes...). I love warm summer rain! :)

MMJ Day 06: me-made jersey skirt and boatneck top

This outfit, knit top and knit half-circle skirt, is incredibly comfy and I really wouldn't mind wearing it every day...

Sunday was lovely, too and after taking the bodice part of this top in a little at the side seams, it actually fits perfectly. It is one of my favorites, because the fabric is so pretty and it was refashioned from a skirt one of my friends gave me, which belonged to her grandma. :)

MMJ Day 05: me-made leggins and babydoll top

Apart from the knit top, I also made a pair of black jersey shorts with lace trim yesterday. It's been pretty hot the last couple of days, and while I love to wear skirts and dresses, my thighs have a tendency to chafe... I made the shorts just long enough to prevent that, and just short enough to not be seen under my shorter skirts and dresses. They've had their first outings yesterday and today, and they've made skirt-wearing a real pleasure! :) Pics of my thighs in shorts possibly to come... maybe not. ;)

I hope you're having a good week! Happy summer sewing!


  1. You are a Knit Queen! Look at you go! Woot! I really love that green knit dress (envy!!) and all of your other outfits are fab! Love the polka dot circle skirt & that you rode home in your bikini - genius! :)

  2. I love the babydoll top from MMJ Day 5 - it's such a pretty colour and pattern. I wonder whether you might have instructions for turning a skirt into a top like that? I'm new to sewing my own clothes (more used to cushions and quilts) and I have to say I get a bit scared of patterns, so refashioning old clothes is something I reall want to give a go. If you do have instructions, perhaps I could give them a guest-spot on my blog ( Mona

  3. Love your greens & teals! So cute!

  4. The outfits are looking good. I like thebabydoll refashion. BUt my favourite is the knit dress. I have those tired days a lot. I am jealous of your day starting with pilates and a swim in the lake - sounds great.

  5. [oops, accidentally commented with wrong login! forgive the deleted comment]

    I love this post! Particularly love your new top -- what an elegant neckline! And so hilarious to think of you riding home in your bikini. Now that is BRAVERY. And you're worried about sharing a photo of you in shorts? ;) I'm nearly done with my silk slip and I'm, um, a little shy to be modeling it. But hey, I've got happy hour with the gals and then biking home, so maybe I'll have a little liquid courage to get in front of the camera in my scivvies.

  6. Well, I guess there is a difference between Berlin and the Internets (although I did get honked at, at a couple of intersections...) ;) Nah, biking home through the rain was great fun. I trade you, Ali: you model your silk slip, I'll model my shorts. Hope you had a fun happy hour! (I had a lovely evening eating asparagus risotto and drinking white wine).

    As for the rest, thanks for the compliments! And I am planning on putting up a couple of non-pattern tutorials in the next couple of weeks @needlepullingthread. :)

  7. Yes good for you for making knits. Most new sewists stay away from knits. I love to sew with them too. They are easier. I could really use a dress like the green wrap that a burda pattern?

  8. Oh, I had my fair share of problems when I started out sewing with knits, but now I think they're easier, too. Not the sewing process, exactly, but definitely the fitting part (which I think can be really tedious with wovens). :)
    Unfortunately, the dress isn't made from any commercial pattern (of which I have zero for knits). The bodice part is inspired by a wrap top I own and the skirt part is now a simple overlapping A-line with cut-off corners where the front parts overlap. I could possibly come up with a line drawing, if you'd like. :)

  9. Your babydoll top is totally adorable! And it is lovely it once belonged to your friend's grandmother... the fabric must be amazing to have stood the test of time!

  10. Hallo Alessa!
    Lieben Dank für deinen Kommentar auf meinem Blog! Spitze auf Jeans gefällt mir im Moment wahnsinnig gut und dein Babydoll Top ist ganz klasse geworden!
    Viele Grüße, Nancy