Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MMJ Day 9-14

So, yes. This is (almost) entirely an outfit post. I know, they're not my favorite ones, either, but I have been rather busy in the past few days. I fit in a little bit of sewing (refashion!) on Friday but apart from that, it's been leisure stress. ;) Choir & drama group rehersals, frisbee, coffee and movie dates, Berlin's Carnival of Culture, going to a play with my BF and a "healthy eating" school project with my fellow med-students today. Boy I'm glad I still have 4 weeks to go 'til my end-of-year tests...

Not sure I'll be a lot more productive this week (there's my choir concert next Tuesday and somehow I've managed to acquire tickets for two more plays this week and my friend has a concert on Friday). Also, uni. Shouldn't forget about that... And I'm redeeming a birthday present from last year with my BF tomorrow: a wellness evening at a floatation pool! :)

Still, I have planned on a couple of tutorials (peasant blouse and box-pleated skirt, anyone?) and maybe a post about my experiences in sewing with knits? There's also a 25th b-day/25 follower giveaway in the plans (though it's still a few weeks till then). And I've managed to make my birthday a costume party with the motto "Golden 20s", so I'm thinking of making a 20s-inspired dress or at least some fitting accessoires, a headband and the like - not to forget my Summer Essential sewing plans. Meh. Why do I always have a to-do-list about 20ft long?

Anyway, excuse my rambling/ranting, here's the outfit pics:

MMJ Day 09: me-made jersey skirt and peasant blouse

I'm trying to be a bit more varied in my garment combinations. Wearing this blouse with a skirt instead of jeans worked out alright, even though it's not very shaped at the waist. It looks alright with the scarf as a belt, though...

I wasn't feeling well on Day 10 and didn't leave the house. I wore the polka dot jersey skirt and striped navy longsleeve for comfort, but no pics.

MMJ Day 11: me-made box-pleated skirt and teal knit top, also lacy shorts (unseen)

MMJ Day 12: newly refashioned (from an embroidered top) jersey dress & lacy shorts (unseen)

The dress was a very quick refashion (just a straight red interlock midriff band and an A-line skirt made of black jersey) from a top I've owned for about 8 years. It was one of those short, midriff-baring ones and I don't think I wore it very often even back then. I liked the embroidery, though, so I thought up a way to save and actually wear it. :) The unfortunate drag lines are caused by the jersey shorts I'm wearing - it looks much nicer without them.

MMJ Day 13: me-made leggins and babydoll top. I got compliments for it in real life, too! *happydance* :)

MMJ Day 14: same outfit as Day 6, jersey skirt and teal knit top.
Also: new shoes! with polka dots! :)

I hope I didn't bore you too much. Have a fun, summery, enjoyable rest of the week!


  1. Wow, can't wait to see your 20's inspired dress!

  2. Lovely outfits - you look great!

  3. Outfits looking good. I like the polka dots. And the new shoes look great. Life sounds very busy for you at the moment. Hope it is all fun.

  4. I like all your outfits a lot! Including the ones in your most recent post. I need some polka dot love soon. I feel bad, you've been commenting a lot on my posts and this is the first time I've checked yours out - I'm very behind on that. Have you noticed how many of us tend towards red, white and blue color schemes? Crazy! I've noticed it extra during MMJune.