Friday, June 24, 2011

More of MMJune

So. Another MMJ post! ;) But I am rather excited today, since I have some other things to write about, too. Well, not right now. But I'll get to it during the weekend. :)

MMJ Day 20: me-made (and now decorated with gold buttons) striped tee. I also found out that my cell phone camera has a self-timer. Awesome, isn't it? ;)

MMJ Day 21: no pics. Not even crappy self-timed cell phone ones?! But I wore my teal knit top. Promise.

MMJ Day 22: me-made green wrap dress, lacy tank and leggins. Also, it was pouring with rain, hence the really bad picture.

MMJ Day 23: me-made stripey tee - again! (I like it a lot) and refashioned denim skirt.

Actually, this was the third outfit of the day, though the first was just (non me-made) exercise clothes, as I went inline-skating with my friend. The second one - my comfy jersey combination of polka-dot skirt and teal top - got a rather rough treatment when I fell off my bike (dumb aquaplanning...) on the way home from uni. No holes, just lots of dirty puddle water... Aside from making my bike slide from under me, though, the puddles were a good thing and cushioned my fall, so I got away with a pretty blue but otherwise ok knee and no other scrapes. Compared to my recent other rainy bike-ride home from uni, wearing a bikini, this was way less fun, though... ;)

On a lighter note, guess what got finished today! (Well, aside from hemming...) You may not believe it - at least I'm having a hard time - but it's last year's Summer Essential, the blue linen trousers!

MMJ Day 24: me-made stripey tee and linen trousers
(excuse the blurry pic, my bf really doesn't like cameras...)

I actually didn't wear this outfit today, I just put it on when my bf left the house, so I could get the picture. Today was a lazy day and I really only wore my stripey longsleeve and yoga pants. Anyway, I'm excited for the trousers, there were so many hurdles to finishing them. But that's a story for another day...

Have a great weekend!


  1. Congrats on your first trousers! They look much nicer than my first pair.

  2. The trousers look very good. I love the stripey tee shirt too.

  3. Oooooh! Those trousers looks EXCELLENT. Ouch to the bike incident, glad you weren't hurt too badly. Also, the stripey tee is divine.

  4. I love the trousers. Well done with buttons and all. Glad to hear you were not badly hurt.

  5. Ooh, I'm glad you weren't badly hurt! An accident like that can shake you up somewhat though...
    but cute outfits! I really love that green wrap dress!

  6. :D Thanks you all! The bruise has all disappeared by now and I can move it fine, sp all should be well in another couple of days.

  7. I've told you this already, but love that tee! :) Looks great.