Sunday, July 10, 2011

20s birthday frock

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So, thanks again to everybody who wished me well for my birthday! :) I had a fantastic day, a wonderful party and a pretty exciting weekend. My parents came for my birthday and participated in my costume party - and then, for a very special surprise, my sister turned up with her best friend! She actually took some days off and drove the 700+ km right after getting off work, just to be there for my birthday and spend the weekend with me. My family is incredibly aweseome, aren't they? :)

my parents

My mom, sis and her best friend
My sister actually also turned up in a handmade dress, sewn for her by one of her friends. :)

I also got some lovely presents, among them a book about making buttons and another with different variations on making an A-line skirt,

a gift voucher for spending 3h in a sewing café with some of my crafty friends (one of them made the voucher!), sewing together and having lots of cake and cappuccino,

a voucher for a fabric-or-pattern-buying-trip and a ticket for the Peppermint Club, a 50s style varieté show here in Berlin. Cool, right? :D

Ok, on to the 20s frock I made for my birthday party! We'll remind ourselves as to which pattern I used as an inspiration:

And here is a picture from the evening:

I'm rather pleased with how it turned out, although in the interest of my body shape and time concerns (I was still sewing the morning of my birthday) I went with a costumey rather than an authentic vintage/repro approach. I used slightly stretchy black satin, which was a lot less slippery than I feared.

The skirt is more or less a circle with the hole placed more towards the front and a straight waistband - yay for stretch! :) It could have been a bit more ruffled, I think, to mimick the front folds of the picture more closely, but I only saw that after I had cut the circle. I like the longer hemline in the back, though it could have looked a bit more dramatic... anyway, it's definitely a skirt I can see myself wearing for events like choir concerts, where we're supposed to wear black bottoms and plain colored tops...

The top is pretty much A-line, fitted at the bust with some shirring at the hemline, to get the dropped waist look. I'm almost sure it won't become a staple in my wardrobe, but it does look ok with leggins, so it may come in handy for going out at some point.

All things considered, I think the 20s aren't going to turn out my favorite fashion period of all time - I like my curves too much for that. ;) But it was great to see that for once, all my friends turned up in costume without complaining, and did a pretty spectacular job for the occasion - we even had a couple of spectacular hairdos! I think my next costume party should be 50s themed... :D

I should get back to revising now (or hop into bed and get up bright and early tomorrow...) Have a lovely week, everyone!


  1. Ooh, what a fantastic birthday! The party looks like it was a blast, the gifts are terrific, and I LOVE your costume!!! Well done!

  2. Looks like tons of fun! The 20s is not my favorite style decade either. I'm curvy too! But lately I've been tempted to try some 30s, which are significantly less curvy than I usually go with!

  3. What a lovely party! And fantastic outfit to go with it. Happy birthday!

  4. your family is WUNDERBAR! (i think that's wonderful in german. if it means, like, chicken schnitzel or something, blame it on the cotes du rhone.)

    i love your PIF post. i mean, seriously, right there with you. i'll think of an idea, and realize it's been years. i don't wanna even check how long it's really been!


  5. @Sarah: Thanks, it was indeed a blast!

    @Stephanie: I know what you mean. One of my friends did turn up in a 30s dress, though, and she looked fabulous, even though she's definitely on the curvier side. So I'd say, go for it!

    @Jessica: Thanks, I'm glad you like it. :)

    @Oona: I'll not be offended that you called my family a schnitzel *this time*... ;) And thanks. I'm glad I'm not the only forgetful one...

  6. Sounds and looks like a great party. You look very glamorous in the party outfit. I think it was a clever idea to make it as separates so you can get some more wear out of them. Lovely presents. I look forward to hearing about the Peppermint Club!
    Good luck with that revision,x

  7. Congratulations Alessa, and happy birthday!!
    You look absolutely stunning in your slinky black slinky outfit, tres glamorous!! And I'm going to add that I think you can definitely wear those two pieces together very well for everyday, with a cardi over the top to dress it down a little; they look so good together!

  8. I love it that your entire family dressed up for the occasion! It's so sweet. Great presents too. I really like your outfit and hairdo.

  9. Happy belated birthday! Your parents are super cute in their costumes, looks like you had an excellent party!