Monday, July 25, 2011

Project: Ridiculous

So! Exams are over and I'm free of anything uni-related until October! (Actually, I won't be quite as lazy as that sounds, I'm going on a one-week Summer Academy next week and there's three weeks of clinical rotation / work experience in September. But still! Summer break!) I've already enjoyed my lazy morning, sleeping in and then reading blogs and drinking Latte Macchiato. :) And I have quite a bit of sewing planned for this afternoon and pretty much the whole week!

I do have something to present already, though, and I think it might qualify both for Summer Essentials and for Project: Ridiculous - a Sailor Crepe! (I'm not telling you that all of a sudden, I'm thinking about bunny-haired anime characters wearing my dress. Oh, the sins of youth... ;)

I had originally planned to make something ridiculous like a ballgown for Project: Ridiculous. Something I don't need (although I might wear it at Christmas), that takes ridiculously long to make, is ridiculously complicated, needs couture finishings - everything an instant gratification girl like myself would never think of doing. Or something with unicorns. Pink ones.

You may wonder why I think my Sailor Crepe qualifies for Project: Ridiculous (apart from not featuring polka dots). It's not a spontaneous project, in fact it is listed on my Summer Essentials Plan as a bonus item and I've had the fabric for it since mid-June - it's not even particularly creative, since I got the idea from this gorgeous dress by Shabby Apple. Also, I've made a Crepe before, even made a muslin for it, so I knew the construction process well enough.

What makes it totally ridiculous, though, is the fact that I made most of it during exam week. Monday, after my first written test, and with a whole free Tuesday before me (and chosing not to think of the three exams each that were waiting for me Wednesday through Friday) I decided that I hadn't used my sewing machine in far too long (two weeks!) and that I really, really needed to be creative, right now.

Instead of turning to a potentially quick knit project or a new Sorbetto (which, with fitting issues, collar drafting and back buttons probably wouldn't have been quick, either) I chose the Crepe, and got it cut out Monday night. On Tuesday, I got as far as making and attaching the facings (which really does take ages) before caving in and setting to revising again. I cursed myself repeatedly for taking time away from studyings during last minute revisions on Wednesday and Thursday...

The rest of the dress was put together Sunday afternoon, just in time to go to Choir practise and afterwards, take it out for a night of HP 7.2 and drinking wine. :)

I modified some things from my original version, lowering the neckline about 1.5cm and making the armholes a little wider (although now the sleeve back is drooping a little). I also shortened the bodice about 2.5cm to get the ties to end at my natural waist and widened the darts a little. And I cut both the front and back skirt pieces on the fold, to avoid pattern matching... Yes, I'm lazy. :) Apart from the bust darts being a bit too pointy and the drooping back sleeves, I mostly like the fit, although I might post some more detailed shots soon to get your opinion on some issues. I wish I hadn't hemmed the dress before trying it on, though, or I would have taken off an additional couple of cm... Maybe something for the future... :)

Now, I'm off to do some reading and then sew some secret things... What are you working on right now?

Happy Monday and have a great week!


  1. I really love your dress Alessa...and with that hint of red it's fabulous. You can sew a Popeye dress for the boy ;o)
    I am working on some linen pants for the boy...and I already have an issue with needing a fly front that I hadn't planned for!!!

  2. The dress is abso-fuckin-lutely adorable

  3. Oh, I LOVE IT!! So much prettier than the inspiration dress. It looks fabulous!

  4. FANTASTIC!!! That is truly, absolutely the most ridiculous sewing story I have heard in a long while! (Reminds me of my student sewing days. Ah yes, moments of panic about why-did-I-spend-6-hours-crafting-instead-of-studying ... I am embarrassingly familiar with thee!)

    The dress is so, so YOU - the black and white, the checks, that fabulous red. I think the fit looks pretty darn good - most Crepes I've seen have fit issues in the back and bodice but yours looks good! I know I'd snatch it out of your wardrobe in an instant ;-).

  5. Your holiday lifestyle sounds lovely...I am jealous! Are you staying in Berlin for the summer? The dress is so fab and looks like a great fit on you. The checks and the dash of red are so good. I like the neckline shape too. I laughed at your ridiculous story though of sewing not studying!

  6. @Sewingprincess: *lol* That's a cute idea, I might get him to wear it for Hallowe'en... ;)

    @Maike: Thanks sweetie! But don't swear... ;)

    @Sarah: Thanks! I like best that I didn't have to sew buttonholes... ;)

    @Jessica: Ah, I'm glad I'm not the only one. At least now that I'm sewing, I'm doing constructive things when I'm procrastinating, instead of cleaning my windows or something (real story... ;) Glad that you like my Crepe! :)

    @Minnado: Glad I could provide some comic relief. ;) I'm going to be away for five weeks in August and September, visiting my family in southern Germany (and we're going to Vienna for a week) and doing my work experience there. I'm back for the second half of September, though. :)

  7. I love it Alessa, just gorgeous! You have inspired me to do something with gingham.. of which I have several lengths in my stash, oops! The dress doesn't deserve the tag ridiculous at all... I'm sure the creative break was just what you needed to refresh the mind!

  8. heehee totally understand the i need to turn my brain to something other than studying, and what a great dress you have to show for it :-)
    enjoy your break from uni work

  9. really nice dress - I can imagine wearing it on holiday (the French riviera perhaps?) with a pair of gladiator sandals.