Thursday, August 18, 2011

From Vienna, With Love...

So, I had a great time on my vacation to Austria. The weather was amazing(ly hot), and the temperatures in the 90s are supposed to hold until tomorrow. I sure could have used a couple more summer tops from my summer sewing list. I was hot! I got tanned! Yay summer!

We didn't actually stay in Vienna, but in the wine region Kamptal, 70km to the west. The village we stayed in for the first 5 days was the home of about 50 winemakers! You can imagine that we were tasting the different wines pretty much every day. I'm sure Oona would have been thrilled with this kind of holiday!

We did visit Vienna one day and it was so lovely! The architecture is beautiful!

We went by the Sacher Café and Hotel, were the delicious Sacher Torte was first made. (We didn't go in, as they wanted 8€ for a piece of cake. Really?)

I liked the city a lot. There were masses of tourists, though, and we didn't see much of the famous Viennese suavity. The waiters in the cafés seemed very harried and not very curteous at all.

My b/f and I have decided to go again on some weekend in late fall or winter, when there are less tourists, and maybe see a play at the Burgtheater, have some Einspänner (Espresso with whipped cream, yum!) and just spend some time wandering the streets. He has visited Vienna in winter some years ago and his experience was much better than ours this time.

I hadn't meant to buy anything, but we went by a shopping window with beautiful hats and after stumbling through their ground floor souvenir shop, found a huge hat shop in the basement! They had the traditional Viennese bowler hats and top hats, and also lots of cute fascinators, wedding hats in all colors... All handmade! I fell in love with this red felted hat and my mom's partner decided to buy it for me. :) It's very cute and it'll be great for winter!

My sister was looking for shoes for her friend's wedding, and while she didn't find any she liked, I stumbled over a gorgeous pair of red strappy leather pumps. They are real leather and were on final sale for, can you believe it, 29€ (from115€)! You bet I couldn't walk by without buying them... :)

I've already worn them with my Sailor Crepe and they're a great match!

In sewing news, the temperatures and my attic room have conspired against my sewing since I came home on Tuesday. I finished my sock during vacation, though, and already started on the second one. Pictures soon to come. ;)

Have a lovely Friday!


  1. Seems like you had a great holiday! And that hat is fantastic! :-)

  2. That hat is adorable, as are the shoes (and what a steal on the price!) Hope you are well rested after your vacation.

  3. Oh, wow!! I love the hat and shoes!! Great finds! Lovely photos - what a marvellous vacation. :)

  4. I love the hat - it really suits you. The shoes are gorgeous too and what a good bargain. The photos look very beautiful. I hope you are enjoyign the end of the holidays. x

  5. Oh my gosh, I am in serious shoe envy for your mary janes.. and your new hat is so cute. Some people look great in hats and some people just can't wear them, you are one of the lucky former who make a hat look fabulous!

  6. your shoes and hat are fabulous. You look so cute in the hat. Vienna seems beautiful, it´s on my to-see cities since ages...but I keep on falling for Spain instead ;o)

  7. I LOVE your hat - it's fabulous! And you pull it off really well.