Monday, September 26, 2011

Coral Reading Mitts

I've finally finished the second of my Reading Mitts! :) My second item for FESA and the Fall Palette Challenge!

I totally love how they turned out! As cute as they look, the pattern wasn't complicated at all, despite my adding cables into the mix. And I learned lots of new techniques: picots, lace stitch, cables, how to make a thumb gusset... very cool for someone whose knitting has consisted of rib and stockinette stitch until now. :)

I've already worn them inside quite a bit. The weather is still gorgeous and it's lovely and warm in the sunshine, but in the shade and inside it can be quite cool - and I often get cold finger sitting in front of the computer...

Pattern: Susie's Reading Mitts (modified with a line of cables, 8 stitches wide)
Yarn: about 75 g of "Panda" by Rico Design, 52% bamboo rayon, 48% cotton

Andrea has inspired me to enter them in Stitched in Color's Celebrate Color contest!
Celebrate Color

I only used one and maybe a quarter of my eight balls of yarn. Now I'm wondering what else to make to coordinate my fall/winter outfits. I'm thinking one of these lacy scarves and maybe a pair of fancy socks? A hat? We'll see. Do you have any favorite pattern for winter accessories?


  1. Cute! I've just finished a pair similar to these sans thumb gussets though. And one mysteriously ended up larger than the other..... Oh well, they are still cute.

    I think a matching scarf and hat would be just darling!

  2. So cute! I only crochet so love looking at knitted things in awe! I love warm, fingerless gloves!

  3. Ooooh! Handwarmers are SUCH a savior in the cold months! That looks like a beautiful pair.

    One of my favorite scarf patterns is Clapotis. I think it's very versatile but elegant.

  4. They are adorable and do look complicated (I'll take your word for it that they aren't!)

  5. Gorgeous, love the color, and congrats on conquering all those techniques, knitting is so much fun!

  6. Completely gorgeous, they are adorable! I love the colour and the tricot lace stitches, and good for you that you mastered so many new techniques in one project like this.

  7. Love the gloves and what a beautiful color!

  8. These turned out so nice. I love the fact that you added your own twist with the cables. I vote for the "best friend scarf" as a companion project.

  9. WOW!! Those are fantastic and I'm so impressed with all the different stitches and techniques you've used. I am still terrified of cables - LOL!

    I definitely think you need a matching scarf....

  10. They are lovely and I love the colour too. If only I weren't so impatient I would knit some for myself. I am impressed with the cabling! x

  11. They look super-cozy. And I'm really impressed that you were able to add your own element in with the cables! I think a matching hat could be really cute--maybe a beret-style something?

  12. I absolutley love the mitts! So cute!
    Maybe I have to learn how to knit after all... =)

  13. Thanks all! :)
    @Stephanie: Hmm, my second one mysteriously also turned out a little bigger. Strange workings of the universe... ;)
    @Amber: At some point, I need to take up crocheting again, too... Lace stitches! :)
    @Jessica: Clapotis really is beautiful! It would totally have to be made in a cherry color!
    @Scruffybadger: Well, easy enough for me to have almost memorized the pattern by the second glove... ;)
    @Stitch Parade: I'm torn between the Best Friend Scarf and buninyong... Both have stitches I first need to look up, though...
    @Sarah: I was pretty intimidated by cables, too, but actually they're really easy! :)
    @Minnado: It actually worked out "faster" than I thought... about 6.5h per glove, but sitting on a train or in front of the TV, time flies... :)
    @Becky: A hat is definitely in order, but no beret for me... I think my hair is too short for it to look cute. ;)
    @Kristin: I totally recommend learning to knit! It's not that difficult and so rewarding!