Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall Plans

OMG, I can hardly believe that September is 1/3 over already and I haven't even shared my plans for FESA and the Colette Fall Palette Challenge with you! I guess 8h day jobs really are time suckers (as are, even though they're way more pleasant, family evenings spent around the dinner table or the telly, I guess).

I have made plans, even though they are slightly less concrete than my SESA plans. Ideally, they are following my fall palette, which is inspired by this mood board:

Fabulous Frocks
Yay, dresses! At the moment, I'm totally digging knit dresses. They're warm and comfy and can be dressed up or down... I'm totally going to knit at least one sleeveless dress in either red, dark teal or purple. I also have a long-sleeved, self drafted dress in a green heavy knit that is in the process of being finished. And there are a couple of wool fabrics that I'd like to turn into basic sheath dresses. And what about shirt dresses...?

Fashionable Foundations for Frosty Weather
I'm definitely going for a (circle) skirt or two and possibly a pair of woolen pants. I think. I'm way more excited about the dresses, though! ;)

Chic Chemises for Cool Climates

I'm not really a blouse person (anything that doesn't need to be ironed is a big plus in my book) so we're probably talking knit tops, here. Long-sleeves. For wearing under dresses. Yes?

Underneath It All
I've had underwear on my to-sew list for ages, and I hope that this time, I'll actually pull through. I'm envisioning some knit panties with elastic lace, and maybe some colorful, layerable undershirts made of rib knit and lace.

Tender Tootsies

One pair of socks almost finished! I'm sure I'll manage to produce a couple more this fall/winter.

Those Cozy Nights
Pajama party! :) I hear some people are making Sorbetto pajamas, which sounds like a pretty awesome idea! Especially since I like short-sleeved PJs way better than longsleeed ones. I'm still looking for the perfect cozy flannel, though...

Baby It's Cold Outside

I love that title! You're genius, Ali! :) I haven't found any more pink/red bamboo yarn, so I've decided on making fingerless gloves and either knee-high socks or a scarf with it. I'm also thinking about grey cable knit over-knees... I don't think I'm quite ready for making a coat yet, though. I have a few of those still, anyway...

My palette looks mostly like this:

I totally forgot to include my neutrals black and navy, which are going to be combined with color splashes of green, purple, all shades of teal/aqua and coral/red.
My first objects in progress are going to come soon! What are you working on at the moment?


  1. I love seeing how different everyone's palettes are. Can't wait to see some concrete pattern ideas!

  2. How fun! I've posted my palette but have yet to tack down exactly what I'm going to sew.

  3. I love everything you've planned!! I am on the hunt for heavy jersey, too. I want to make some warm dresses.

    Knitted socks sound heavenly and Zoe (so, Zo) is the underwear queen! I'd love to make all manner of fun undergarments but hate slippery jersey :(

    I'm so happy to be hosting the sew-along with you and Ali!!!

  4. Love the colour palette. You have some great plans there. Knitted dress sounds fab. I am sewing up my autumn palette grey trousers at the moment.
    Have a good week, x

  5. Your color palette is so cheery! I always find myself craving bright winter clothes, so I'll probably end up wanting to steal half of yours, lol.

  6. Coral and teal are 2 of my favourite colours! I can't wait to see what you make. I'm trying to experiment with unusual colours lately. At the moment I'm just stuck with my stash as I have no money whatsoever for new fabric, but I think I'm going to save up for something in chartreuse. I'm not sure if that colour will look any good on me but I'm going to give it a try!

  7. Sorry! I forgot to answer your question from a while ago. Yes, we wear normal clothes to the hospital, unless we go into theatre where we wear scrubs which are provided/washed by the hospital.

    I would actually prefer to wear scrubs as the thought of vomit/blood/shit/piss on my clothes is very unappealing. I accidentally threw a urine sample in the bin yesterday and had to fish it out. I nearly got miscarried fetus on my cream cardigan. YUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKK. hahahhahahaha. Oh dear.

  8. You have a beautiful colour scheme for your autumnal wardrobe! And your plans sound just lovely... I'm looking forward to seeing what you are making.
    ohmigosh I just noticed my picture there on your mood board!! I'm absolutely thrilled and honoured that you like that dress, enough to put it your mood board! Thank you! You are so sweet!

  9. @Sarah: I found a new department store that carries loads of cute winter fabrics. Cable knits and everything! :) They're expensive, though... And yes, Zoe is definitely the queen of underwear! *g*

    @Becky: Help yourself! We could coordinate outfits during fall/winter... ;)

    @Lily: Chartreuse! I love all shades of green!

    @Carolyn: It's a very awesome dress. :)