Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Me-Made Weekend & Work in Progress

As I'm writing this, I'm sitting short-sleeved on my parents' balcony, tanning my legs and eating freshly harvested, sweet tomatoes. We're having a lovely fall over here: cool, crisp mornings and warm, sunny days. Windy, too. This is my idea of a perfect season... Things at the hospital are rather slow in the afternoons right now, too, so I've been let go early the last few days, to enjoy the afternoon sun. (In the mornings I seem to amuse our Consultant with my cheery "fine"s when he's asking how I'm doing. It seems a lot of students faint the first few times... ;)

Saturday I spent helping a friend move to the lovely city of Augsburg. I mostly got to see the inside of the local IKEA store and not much of the city, but I will be back to see the medieval architecture (and my friend, of course). The train trip took a good 2.5h there, and another 3.5h back, so I got busy with my knitting needles!

It's a free Ravelry pattern: Susie's Reading Mitts, modified with one line of cables. I can read English knitting patterns, yay! ;)
Self-stitched outfit: my polka dot Sorbetto and shortened red skirt.

I woke early on Sunday and did some prep work, before having coffee with my parents. Can you guess what it is? :D

Afterwards we went to visit grandparents at Lake Constance. We had some lovely Italian food (Scaloppine al limone, one of my favs!) by the lake and it totally felt like a mini holiday. :)

Being down here really is lovely, although I'm also looking forward to being back in Berlin on Friday...


  1. I love your new reading mitts! And I'm envious of your weather because it has been rather rainy over here.

  2. I feel jealous of you eating fresh tomatoes and enjoying the sunshine. Sounds like you are having a nice break. I like the reading mitts - I might use that pattern for some christmas presents, I just keep forgetting my ravelry log on. x

  3. ich habe gerade Ihren Blog entdeckt...sehr schön! Ich stricke seit Jahren und habe gerade angefangen wieder zu nähen. Ihre Kleidung sind einfach klasse!

    Now back to English being an American in Bavaria, I look forward to seeing more of your projects. I too am trying to make more of my own wardrobe have a pretty good collection of knitted items.

  4. LOVE those arm warmers/mitts - so cute! I will have to look up that pattern on Ravelry. I have a pair that I started over the summer that I need to finish first now that it is finally starting to get a bit colder where I live.

    Love the red skirt as well. Not sure what your new project is going to be, but I really like the fabric print. Maybe a dress?

    Can't wait to also get started on some fall sewing/knitting projects!