Friday, September 30, 2011

Polka Dot Rooibos

Sooo, remember this picture?

I finally got down to sewing it! And guess what I made: my own bias tape (using Colette Pattern's Continuous Bias Tape Tutorial)! To make my own piping!
Of course, I didn't have piping cord lying around, so I used corded knitting yarn... It seems to have worked out alright in spite of that, though. :)

Another little detail shot: can you guess now what it is?

Well guessed, it's a Rooibos!
And can I tell you, I'm totally in love with Colette Patterns! This is the third sleeveless dress pattern I've made that includes facings, and the method for inserting them was the smartest, ever! No copious amounts of hand sewing! It's totally neat! I actually wasn't sure if the whole "rolling stuff up into the straps" thing would work out right until it worked for the second time. I had read about the method before, but couldn't wrap my mind about it. But it's totally genius!
Ok, I'll stop my excited babbling right away... I made a size 10 in the bust and graded to size 12 at the waist and hips (the pattern envelope actually suggested more like a size 13 for my waist, even my hips are a 10 again... guess I'm "full-waisted"... ;) Next time I'll go for the straight 10, as the dress becomes a bit roomy right at the point where I started grading. I also should have done a Mena Test! I inserted a very beautiful invisible zipper (yay for invisible zipper feet!) but I can actually get it on easily without opening the zipper...

I actually wasn't quite in love with this dress as I finished it. My first thought was that it reminded me a bit of my great-grannie's house dresses. My b/f's first comment was "oh, you sewed an apron?!", which didn't really help. I've decided to like it, though. :) Especially since it's the first garment that I sewed on my great-grannie's sewing machine. It kind of feels like fate. :)
My great-grannie and I, almost 20 years ago
That picture makes me really nostalgic. My sister and I spent a lot of time with our great-grannie when we grew up. My grandma was still working at that time, and my mom worked the mornings when we were at school/kindi and one afternoon a week. So we went to my great-grannie every Tuesday after school and had lunch and dinner and spent our afternoon there. We used to watch Western movies and murder mysteries with her. She was the first to show me how to use a sewing machine, even though I didn't really take it up back then. She was a wonderful cook, and she always made dessert. She must have spent a fortune on gossip magazines, romance serials and pocket money for her great-grandkids. I loved her. A lot.

Ok, back from the roads of nostalgia... My Ottobre magazines came! And it hasn't even been three weeks!
Now I need to think about which patterns I want to make. There are so many cute ones!

I have managed to finally trace and cut out the Macaron pattern, though, so I should probably start on that, first.

Ah, summer break, I love thee... So much free time! :)

What is on your sewing table right now?


  1. Well, I think it looks fabulous and cute and nothing like an apron at all, so in my humble opinion, of course you should like it. What’s on my sewing table? A Roooibos, of course! I’m having some issues with the back bodice and have no clue how to fix them… eeek!

  2. Hehe, how fun! I had a wrinkly back bodice and decided to lengthen the back darts to about twice their length, which fortunately did the trick. What are your problems? You could always post pictures in the Colette Support forum and ask for help...?

  3. Such a cute dress: perfect fit and fabric choices, especially with those red shoes!

  4. Adorable! I too love that rooibos pattern and trust you to choose wonderful polka dots!! It is no way an apron. I'm finding that I'm so in love with that pattern that despite having a bombshell dress to get going on I am tempted to make another rooibos for autumn in floral needlecord. Hey hum! Distractions!!

  5. That is a fantastic dress! You know how much I love polka dots, so this one's a sure winner in my book! It looks lovely on you and the contrast fabric and piping is gorgeous! Well done :D

  6. It looks very cute, and especially with those red accessories... beautiful!! And how cute are you with your great-grannie... so wonderful that you have such happy memories of your time together too :)

  7. What a great dress!!! Totally covetous.

  8. It looks so vintage...bah! to your bf and his apron comment :) And I love the story behind this and your machine. I found that this had a lot more ease than expected, too. Very cute dress!!!

  9. Ahhhhhhhhhh! How have I not commented on this amazing cuteness? Just saw this in the Flickr pool and wanted to hop over and tell you how fabulous this is. It's so you (in fact, it kind of looks like your blog background, ha ha!) Alessa = Polka Dot love. Don't you love this pattern?